Location for new cuttings and some questions

rjingaJune 10, 2008

I had another tread going but I'll ask this specific question here.

I have about 16 cuttings, I have them in moistened perlite, I used a powder rooting hormone, I gently "wounded" the stem either by lightly scraping it or using a sharp pearing knife and made small incisions.

I have them now in my garage on top of my deep freeze. They will be in low light (unless I crack open the garage door, no window in there). The temps I'm guess will be 80 ish, it's good and warm but not stiffling hot inside. cracking open the garage will add some air circulation.

I'm misting with a spray bottle (not sure how many times a day to do this) I obviously cant do it like a misting machine would on a timer. So I'll do it several times or as much as needed.

How long would this location be appropriate?

How much and how often to mist?

How frequently to water the perlite they are in?

What if I see leafs wilting, anything extra to do?

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I suggest you use google and look for George Mander and Cheryl Netter. Even object16 has a nice thread on rooting cuttings in this forum, but George and Cheryl are the internet authorities on it.

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