just getting into grafting and wondering about the best type

djwhit86June 7, 2012

I recently started to graft roses and I have tried a few different grafts. I was wondering if anyone else has had more or less success with certain graft types. Today I used an omega style graft and it seemed to be the most solid union of rootstock and scion. I tried it on a fortuniana plant I have with a memorial day as the scion. I also tried stenting with the same combo to see how it does. Fortunina as rootstock and memorial day as scion.

I have tried t budding on some other roses that I have. the way I did the T bud so I would lose a plant and not have to worry if it took or not was since most of my roses are grafted was take a cutting from the one of my Intrigue roses grafted on fortuniana, I took the bud from Intrigue and then since there is a 4 to 5 inch rootstock at the bottom I did the t graft on the rootstock of the same plant. If it takes I guess I will have a more bushy rose. Does having a full grown plant on the rootstock already take away from the bud and rootstock forming a union?

If anyone has thoughts on the best type of graft and the way to do it please feel free to speak your mind. Also, I have been taking pictures of what I am doing if anyone is interested in seeing them. Thanks

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You just can not get rid of Dr. Huey, that is why I wanted to try grafting. So I would love, love to see pictures of your progress and results....Thanks.


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