Help ID mystery pepper

YantzNovember 12, 2012

So i recieved the seeds for this plant from someone on the net like 5 years ago. It was from a mystery mix of seeds of plants that came to him as open pollinated cross that had mutated and been open pollinated crossed a few more times then mixed with other seeds. Was wondering if anyone could help ID it. I started the seeds during the spring indoors and the never got around to putting the plant outdoors so its just been a houseplant so its pretty small with small peppers. I believe its Capsicum chinense due to plant characteristics. The pods on the outside look deep purple/brown and the inside is a deep redish/purple. When i ate a fresh pod it tasted kinda like an apple with about as much heat as a jalapeno.

Ive been saving the seeds from it to grow out next season and see what comes from the full sized plant. Anyways here are a few pictures.

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To make a correction, I just ate one of them and it seems to be quite a bit hotter then a jalapeno but not as hot as a habanero. enough to give me cramps tho.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

ID what? You say yourself that it is the ultimate mutt pepper.

Would you ask someone to name the breed of a Heinz 57 pooch from the pound? There's no answer to the question.

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I was just hoping it would stand out to someone as being known as something. the other seeds sent from the same person really for the most part came out true to what they were labeled. Problem is i mixed the names up in the beginning so had to wait it out. had lisa pequin, da nang, kung pao, cherry pepper, cayenne, jaloro. all the other plants were relatively easy to figure out once they fruited but this didnt seem to match any of the names. Makes me wonder if its a mix between like a jalapeno and a chocolate habanero if thats possible?

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hi Yantz,

Interesting looking pepper. It's kinda hard to tell the size of it though. Looks to be about .75 x 1.5 inches?

Also, you refer to plant characteristics suggesting chinense. Which ones are you referring to?

Lastly, I think this pepper might have potential. I'd be interested in trying to grow it out, if you have any seeds to spare.

Anyway, thanks for sharing -- neat little pepper!


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Roughly half of my NuMex Halloween ornamental peppers have that three lobed appearance, are of that size, and roughly that heat level (although it varies greatly).

Is that the color they ripen to, or will they change color if you leave them on there long enough?

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