Seeds, Have I been mislead?

JeffPineJune 11, 2013

I recently purchased rose seeds from the web for a white climbing rose named "iceberg". After reading up on growing roses from seed on this resourceful forum, I now understand no roses grow true from seed. I wonder what the chances are of these seeds having white flowers or a climbing habit? Are they likely to closely resemble the parent?

I guess I should have done some research before jumping in!

Thanks so much!

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The more appropriate question would be, will they even germinate? Iceberg isn't an easy one to get to germinate. Even if you do, there is no telling what it will look like, or even if it will be worth growing. Most rose seeds resulting from "open pollinated hips", are actually self pollinated. That is a lot of inbreeding which often results in inferior versions of the original. Good luck. Kim

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I am growing rose seeds now.
Seedlings can look like the parent so you might get some white ones.

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Thank You Kim and pdsavage. That is just as I suspected. Good thing I only spent 10$. Next time I'll just go for an established plant.

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You're welcome Jeff. $10 is a bunch of money for rose seeds when many on the forums will send them to you for postage. Kim

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