gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)August 30, 2013

Has anyone had success planting shallots in the fall here in zone 5 in particular here in the Denver metro area?

From what I've read zone 5 is sort of a iffy for a fall planting. My spring planted shallots did pretty good and still have a bowl of tasty shallots to go through.

I've kept the biggest 6 bulbs from the summer harvest. I'm thinking of planting them late September or early October.

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david52 Zone 6

What variety did you grow? I've tried them here with little luck.

I found this:

"Plant in autumn or early spring
In Zone 5 or warmer, plant shallots from sets (last yearâÂÂs bulbs) after the first frost of autumn, about 6 inches apart and 2 to 3 inches deep. Vernalization - exposure to winter freezing - usually results in larger and better-flavored shallots.

On the other hand, shallots are sensitive to severe winters, especially if they remain unprotected by a straw mulch. In Zone 4, it may be too cold to grow shallots. In this case, donâÂÂt plant shallots in the fall; wait until the ground can be worked in the spring, then plant the sets. For spring planting, get the bulbs into the ground as soon after spring thaw as possible, since cool ground is essential for forming good bulbs. Conversely, Zone 9 may be too hot to produce great bulbs."

at link for more info.

I hope Steve swings by - he grows shallots, but I thought he dug his and saved them over the winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: maybe useful link

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

David, not really sure what variety. I picked them up at Walmart (a place I seldom shop at) and as far as I know all the bag said was shallot bulbs.

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Posted by david52 z5CO . . .
I hope Steve swings by - he grows shallots, but I thought he dug his and saved them over the winter.

Well, I did swing by and do grow shallots (some from seed sent to me by a Colorado gardening friend :o).

I've had no trouble keeping shallots in a basket in an unheated garage here, thru 20+ winters. There are always plenty of sets to plant in the spring - unless we eat too many . . .

Their storage qualities are excellent. The flavor of shallots is just different enough from onions and garlic that I really think those folks who don't raise them are missing out. Shallots seem to have "latitude requirements," however. They must be thought of as a long-day allium.

Shallots would probably be fine in the garden thru the winter here. I've just never done that. They go out with the onion sets as the very earliest things to be planted.

Greg, I really don't know what they'd do in a Denver winter garden, however.


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