Boysenberries, Tayberries, Loganberries, Marionberries

bob_in_coloradoAugust 22, 2012

I just received my shipment of these new berries that I'm excited to grow. They arrived well packaged, 1-gallon containers.

Has anyone grown these? Any advice?

In addition to the addition of organic matter, well drained soil, mulch, blah blah blah, does anyone have any good tips for any or all of these varieties?

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I don't have anything to say other than, "Bob, that is one interesting collection!" Now I'll bramble along about not much of anything . . .

All are hybrids of the blackberry . . . I think they may be all hybrids of the raspberry, also. All, somewhat different and somewhat similar. All good in cobblers!!

I grew up in southern Oregon and lived for awhile on the northern California coast - blackberry heaven! We pulled blackberries out of our upper pasture with the tractor. They had taken over nearly half of the backyard at the home I moved to in California! Had to go after them with brushkiller!

What I can think of is that they must need plenty of water. The wild vines that show up here - maybe carried by birds from 100's of miles west - cannot produce berries unless they are growing beside a leaking irrigation pipe.

Now, I'll stop. After all, you are talking about cultivars.


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Your 'brambling' is really quite annoying! Bramble, bramble, bramble.

LOL. just kidding. Great pun!

The most important thing I've read is to baby them the first couple years, keep up with pruning and they'll last years and years and years.

I'm going to get some gorilla hair mulch or western red cedar and mulch the heck out of them before winter.

I'm most excited about tasting the boysen and Tay berries. I hear they are to die for.

I also added a Cumberland and Munger type of black raspberries. I hear black raspberries are unlike anything else and they taste like candy.

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