Wanted!!!! Desperately seeking rooted Blush Noisette

gagalzone8(z8GA)July 12, 2013

Someone please take pity on me! I have just gotten into roses and I am in LOVE with them! I only have 3. (sad I know....) My mother ordered them for me. (yes, she created the gardening monster I am) But I am dying for a Blush Noisette! I would take fresh cuttings, but I am afraid that I couldn't root them! Money is a prob right now so mail order is out of the question...Anyone please! lol I can do trades or postage! I do pack great boxes!! I live in a rural area and our nurseries don't stock anything but the common stuff. BEGGING guys!! Thanks!

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im in the same boat with you!!! i live in an island where roses are almost unheard of haha, only one nursery carries some of them, i saw pictures of the blush noisette, a pink one very pale, lovely flowers just stunning. i have since given up hopes of getting one.
good luck to you!!!

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Wish I had it to share with you. ARE does list it in stock now, $18.95 + shipping. Maybe you can reserve it now & save up for it by the time they start shipping in the fall. The plants I've had from them are very well established in 2 gallon pots & ready to bloom.

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