How long to leave rooted cuttings under mist

Ruth_pa5(z5PA)July 12, 2007

I've been successfully rooting rose cuttings for a few years using pool misters & a timer in a glass greenhouse. Two inch pots & plug flats sit in a bed of coarse sand. I have shade cloth on the greenhouse. I consider cuttings rooted when roots emerge from pot bottoms, resisting any temptation to tug even gently at the cuttings. My question is about transitioning cuttings. I probably leave them under mist longer than I have to, moving them to the drier parts of the sand bed rather than potting up and moving them out. Am I being overly cautious, or is there a real risk of losing my rooted cuttings when they move from the very wet conditions of the misting bench to bench in (shaded) greenhouse or shaded outdoors? Thanks.

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Ruth, I have a similar setup to yours with the pool mister and coarse sand. I do them a little differently though, I have my setup in direct sun that way there is no transition.After they have rooted, I pot them up to gallon pots take them away from the mister and mist them several times a day with a spray bottle.I have lost none of them through the summer doing that.I only hand mist for a week or so. Getting mine through the winter,different story :)

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I actually pot them up and leave them under the mister until I think they are big enough to be pulled out and then I move them to the outer edges of the area being misted so that they still get some extra water.

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