Review and general question about Ajis

sunnibel7 Md 7(7)November 27, 2012

Hello, Hotheads! (Don't worry, I know you are all actually cool cats). I was just doing my year-end review of the garden and thought I would ramble on a little then ask a question.

This year I grew Aji Pineapple, Aji Lemon, Aji Dulce (why, when I already knew I didn't like it?), Jalapeno M, Purple Serrano, Aribi Guisano, Chimayo, Fish, and De Arbol. The Fish didn't make it, it succumbed to the ants that setup shop in and around its roots. A couple others had the same problem but were able to limp along enough to produce pods, so that was the only one I didn't get to sample. The ones I like and will grow again (or choose something similar) are the Aji Pineapples (still favorite), the Jalapenos (definitely better homegrown), and probably the Purple Serranos (nice flavor, skins were a little tough and rigid). I will also likely try Fish again, just to see if it lives up to its reputation. Aji Lemon was so similar to the Aji Pineapple, but not quite as tasty (a subtle difference) so I don't see the point of having both. The others I just don't like. Aji Dulce and Aribi Guisano both have a strange flowery taste I dislike intensely, though they differ greatly in heat. Chimayo just didn't do anything for me, and the de arbol were thin, dry, and mostly seeds. All my plants were pretty prolific except the ones most injured by the ants.

Now, looking to next year, I am wondering about the wide variety of Aji peppers. A lot of them seem to be described in similar terms to one another and I am wondering if there are any that are different enough to be worth trying, given my current satisfaction with the Aji Pineapples. For example, there is an ongoing discussion about Aji Crystal. It sounds interesting, but is the grapefruit flavor really different from the lemon flavor of Aji Lemon? I'd be interested in the impressions of anyone who has grown any of the Ajis. And of course, if my enjoyment of the Jalapenos and Purple Serranos makes you think I might like any other particular peppers, feel free to suggest them too! Cheers!

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the aji dulce you grew , were they the Venezuelan spicy variety or the Caribbean sweets?

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Hmmm, didn't identify itself that way on the packet. It was Aji Dulce 3 from Reimer and was heatless, so probably a Carribean if I had to guess. It had flavor that sort of goes with corn, but became cloying easily.

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"Aji Lemon was so similar to the Aji Pineapple.."

Here is a link that might be useful: ...similar to this also?

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Thanks, Sidhartha! (Is it OK if I call you Buddha?) it's going to take me a while to backtrack through the various links in that discussion but great starting place. I noticed you pickled a lot of yours, did you deseed them? I did a few jars last year, but found the seed removal I was doing to be very tedious. So this year I just pureed them all into hot sauce. But I sort of miss the green ones as a pickle on sandwiches.

I hope Smokemaster shows up for this discussion too, since he said something about powdering the baccatum. I'm wondering if he didn't like the chinense powdered and if it had the soapy flavor my APs had powdered, which I think comes from the placental tissues.

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Do you think Aji Lemon and Aji Pineapple would be similar to Burpee Hot Lemon? Probably Aji Lemon (baccatum) and Burpee Hot Lemon (baccatum) are the same, don't you think?

Heheh, I gotta do sumthin or I'm gonna be as round as Buddha.

NO! I love the seeds! I even like a few seeds drifting around in my homemade tomato juice :-)

Rick in Va reminded me of vinegar pickled peppers (I've been fermenting for a few years now) and I'm very glad he did. Man, those things turned out great! I've already eaten three pint jars of them! I've got to save some to give away for Christmas! (drat)

I dried 3-4 trays of the Hot Lemons, haven't done anything with them yet. I think the flavor stays fresher longer when in chile form versus the powder, or so I've read. To be honest I'm not quite sure what to do with the dried ones yet. Mostly I've just made moles and chili from dried chiles. I've a lot to learn in that area.

I froze several serving sized bags (6-9 ea for ceviche) and am VERY PLEASED with the quality. The frozen Hot Lemons are superior to store bought serranos for ceviche, IMO.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

Hey, Buddha! Oh, I have a couple pounds in the freezer in case my hot sauce supply ran out before next season's harvest, I will have to send some into the restaurant with my husband, he loves ceviche and he can get them to sub for the jalapenos. I've been trying to figure out how to get them into the restaurant, they are so prolific! And of course, it's a good way for me to get him to bring home some ceviche for me...

Do I think Aji Lemon and Aji Pineapple would be similar to Burpee Hot Lemon? I do, but I am going on limited experience here. It sure looks like them both and is described just like AL. Don't get me wrong, there's a distinct difference between the AL and the AP, it's just too subtle for me to want both. To me the AL is citrusy with a shade of lemon peel, the AP is citrusy more like lemon or orange juice, no peel flavor. Their base flavor seems otherwise identical to me. Man, you would think we're discussing wine... Now there's a thought, pepper wine...

Anyway, I would still like to know more about any of the other Ajis, there are so many. Man I just re-read that first sentence. One of my longer run-ons. Just imagine a few periods whe I have commas.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)


Still hoping to hear from some of the "big guys" who have grown a wider variety of Ajis. :)

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