Another Update~Jaleeisa

jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)January 8, 2010

Hi everyone! :) Well, things haven't changed or improved much since my last post. Still can't bend, etc.. and PT isn't doing much good, at least not yet. We're still not sure what is going on with my hands... when they called to confirm the EMG to day before, they informed me that they would need the $200 co-pay in full before I could go back to prepare for the test. With us between paydays at that time.. well, it didn't happen as scheduled. We're working on re-scheduling it. So, we still don't really know what's going on with anything. They are trying some different time released meds to help manage the pain. No real results yet.

So, pretty much everything is as it's been for the last several months.. no better, but no worse. I think I'm starting to just get use to the pain. And I've started pushing it aside and ignoring it again.

I wanted to take a moment as well to say a big THANK YOU to Diene, Linda and Annie for the AWESOME birthday cards! It really raised my spirits this week to receive them! We're having an arctic blast cold front here, so I've been more achy, etc than normal. To receive those cards and the wonderful gifts of seeds and bookmark inside them was such a boost for me! LOL, Cliff said he'd not seen me light up like that since I stopped doing swaps :) I hope I didn't miss thanking anyone for the cards,if I did, please don't take it wrongly- I mean no slight in the least! These new meds make me a bit screwy at times. I hope that each of you that sent one can grasp even a small glimmer of what those cards mean to me :)They are currently adorning the wall across from the bed so that I see them first thing each morning. And I am so very touched that so many remembered that my birthday is next week! I miss everyone so very much! I will have to see what the next swap coming up is. Whether I can bend or not, I'm getting the itch to garden :)

Seed and plant catalogs... not to mention we winter sowed a few things on the Solstice- a normal part of our celebration.

I just wanted you all to know how things are going here and how absolutely amazing I feel my friends here are! I love you guys and gals!



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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

girl, it's good to see you! We've missed you around here..there's still time to join Dan's swap. It's short and simple..check it out! ((HUG))

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Glad to here you're hanging in there!


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YAY!!! We're currently experiencing a "Kathy Sighting"!!!

Kathy, we LOVE you!!!

-Dan, Bump & Stella

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Oh dear Heavens!!!!

NIKKI!!!!!!! (HUGS) I received your absolutely AMAZING box today!!!!!!! Hun, you have brought me to tears!!!!!!! I will try to make a full list, but there were lots of seeds- including from the white double lady clitoria vine I sent her last year, which I am so thrilled to get because mine was lost to the drought we had here. And hyacinth bulbs- Jan Bos- My favorite! I LOVE the candle! It looks and smells like a fresh baked cinnamon roll! And the most delectible Lindt truffles along with several other things!

Nikki, that went above and beyond as a birthday present! (HUGS) Thank you so much!!!!

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Oh Kat, I'm so glad you liked it. I really wanted to lift your spirits:) I've been missing gw lately but I didn't want you to think that I wasn't still thinking about you and praying for you. I had a card to fill out and explain everything but I sealed up the box before I remembered to do it - aghh. Anyway, the book is a good one to curl up with on these cold winter days and the movie is coming out soon if not already out. It's always good to read the book before the movie:) Love you girl, hope you know you are dearly loved - HUGS to you! Nik

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Dear Goddess... alright, you guys are making me cry now! All of this put together to raise my spirits... LOL and it's doubling as an amazing birthday present!

Nikki, that box did very much raise my spirits! It had some manicure items in it as well as a beautiful bird feeder along with the other goodies! I am so looking forward to Cliff hanging the bird feeder for me! I am starting that book tomorrow! And my daughter has made sure I know that she intends to read it as soon as I finish! She's been wanting to read it and is really excited! Thank you so much again!

I received another card today as well as two more boxes!

Alana, dear friend! You card and the wonderful wishes inside brought me both a smile and tears! And the Cathedral Bells you included are going to be awesome! Yes, I do have my husband and sons that will plant for me. I can't wait to see it in bloom!

Linda... you were the mastermind behind this! (HUGS) You are such an amazing friend! To organize something like this to bring my spirits up! And it was much needed after the news that this is about as good as it's going to get... according to the doctors. I got your box with those AWESOME knitted slippers! LOL, I love the last pair you sent me, I wear them often! Now I have another pair to enjoy! Good thing, the floors in this house have been COLD lately! And all those seeds and the handmade seed envelopes! LOL and the yummy Hersey's Kisses! And sweetie, your note continued the tears that Alana's card started!

Dan!! That card was so wonderful! LOL, good thing I saw the instructions or I would have cut it up! And those precious pillows that you made for me!! OMG! I was just stunned that you'd made them! I have them in my favorite chair right now! They are perfect and give me some springtime inside! And the book on Mozart! He is one of my favorite composers! I cannot wait to read through it! And all the YUMMY candy!!!! That box is a cold, dreary day just waiting to be taken advantage of!

I have really had a difficult time adjusting my thinking. The first part was a particularly bitter pill to swallow- that there is nothing else they can do. That this is as good as it's going to get. Then I remembered something I'd forgotten... 25 years ago they told me that was as good as it would get- I could either have a surgery which, at that time, would put me immediately back into the wheelchair I'd just clawed my way out of... or have 3-5 pain filled years to walk before I returned to that chair. I have spent the last 25 years doing the 'impossible'. I walked on my own two feet. And I am STILL doing that. I carried the weight of pregnancy with five children. I gardened and I cleaned and I cooked- all with my own two legs. Still can't play basketball... still can't run two miles each day as I'd love to be able to do... but..

I remembered all of those things they kept telling me I couldn't do. That I wouldn't do. That could not be returned to me medically. I remembered that the Lady and Lord continued to Bless me, continued to give me the use of my legs. That I had literally spent 25 years defying what doctors told me I would not have.

And I remembered who I am.

I'm still very limited. At the moment. I still can't bend... but I have pots the boys will lift to a table for me and two to-die-for raised beds that my gorgeous husband and my children and my in laws built me last spring- a LOT of love went into those beds along with the cinder blocks, dirt, compost, etc. I will find a way to sit on the edges and reach in enough to tend my plants.

I have children who do their chores and keep my house for me. I have a husband who has become one heck of a cook to help me in the kitchen. I have a family who loves me and who believes as I've taught them (the children at least) to believe- we are the only ones who can limit ourselves.

And I have my friends. Both in RL and on here. Friends that have cared enough to band together to make me laugh and cry and smile and remember that even in the depths of winter, all is not lost.. it's just life slumbering, waiting to re-awaken to it's glory.

You are all such an AWESOME Blessing. Thank you, not just for the boxes and cards- but for being the loving, caring people that you are... and for being my friends.

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

well geez, Kathy, you made ME cry!!

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Kathy, we love you.

And now I'm going to wipe MY eyes so Bump will quit wondering what's wrong.

And speaking of Bump, Kathy, he and Stella "helped" with those pillows.

I didn't know you liked Mozart so much, but something told me to include that cd and book. Enjoy it.

Dan, Bump & Stella

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

You are all so awesome!

Linda, after getting your email, I looked through the box again and did indeed find the most GORGEOUS crystal!!!! Ohh, it is simply beautiful! It had gotten tucked in the slippers! Thank you so much, sweetie!!!!! (HUGS)

Dan, I didn't find until I got to really sit down with the Mozart book last night that it actually had a CD as well! Mozart is food for the soul! And to have the music to go along with the details on each composition is so AWESOME! I cuddled up with the book, CD playing and snuggled down with the pillows and simply relaxed and let the music flow through me! It was amazing! Give Bump and Stella scratches and kisses for me and tell them that those pillows are perfectly sized to tuck in and make me a lot more comfortable!

I just want to say again how amazing this is of all of you! (HUGS)

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Oh wow... first I want to say to all of my friends here that are on Facebook as well, thank you so much for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! (HUGS) I have felt like a princess today with so many wishing me a wonderful day!

Margo (Smitties) my dear.. that bracelet you sent me arrived today and is simply beautiful! As was the card that you sent! That made me cry (HUGS) And to know that you made me this lovely bracelet stuns me! LOL, and how did you know I have very small wrists? It fits perfectly! Thank you so very much!

My birthday has been a lovely day... well, as much as it can possibly be. My first husband, my children's father, called yesterday morning early. His mother had passed away shortly before he called. Cliff and I will be taking the children down for the funeral (from Oklahoma to Texas). We are waiting to hear what arrangements are being made. My doctor is getting me some of the stronger pain meds to help me manage the trip there and back. I will be taking those only for the actual drive and will be able to take my usual meds for the rest of the trip. We felt that I would need something a little stronger to help me deal with the 6 hour(normally- I will need to make regular stops to be able to get out and move, so it will take longer) drive each way. He's also upping my meds for the muscle spasms for that as well.

And, coming to the realizations that I can either be a mental cripple and continue raging against the limitations that I have, or I can suck it up and learn to live with them. I will be using a cane to walk with to give me some extra stability on the left side. The wheelchair will still be necessary for times when there will be a lot of prolonged walking or standing. So, for my 40th birthday today, I got a stylish new blue patterned cane. I will also be getting the thornless blackberries, raspberries and patio blueberries I have been wanting :) Cliff told me to decide which ones I want and order them. He's given me a limit, which will be augmented by my gift from his Mom and the kids, so I will be able to order some flowers as well.

So, anyone have any berries that are favorites? And if anyone from my region has any input of which of the above berries they prefer, let me know!

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