some photos of the cuttings

michelle_co(z5 CO)July 14, 2006

First, a twig that lost it's leaves to fungus. I was going to toss it, but it developed some leaves so it got a reprieve. It was stuck in mid-June.

Second, a decent looking cutting that is putting on leaves, but has no roots.

Third, a re-dipped cutting that has a root. There are two other cuttings in the same baggie that got dipped, and they have the same sort of very granulated look to the callous. If you've seen granulation tissue, it looks just like that... This one is going into it's own soda bottle with coir. It has not put on any new leaves.



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Won't they develop roots if you leave them be? That second one looks pretty good. I have a couple that look like they are going to be like that. I hope I don't lose them because I don't want to pull them out to redip them.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Probably. I am just interested in figure out how to improve the rooting process... 6 months is just too long to wait. If my cuttings take 6 months to root, then they will be ready to go in January - which is not the time to do anything with them in Colorado. It would really help if I could stick them in June and KNOW how to have a set of them ready for Fall planting.

One article I read recently was about professional growers rooting hydroponically - with soilless media, watering from the bottom of the pot (letting the media wick up the moisture). That will be the next experiment...

I think I'm destined for a misting frame, but I am trying the simple alternatives first.

:-) Michelle

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george_mander(5 to 6)

If a cutting does not root in 6 weeks max I never try this variety again. Mine usually root in 3 to 4 weeks.

There are so many reasons a rose cutting will not root.
Eg. : Temperature not higher than 75 F., light, humidity and the main thing is to use healthy cuttings and more.
Check out my Own Root Cutting set up with 30 images with step by step instructions. Link below.
George Mander

Here is a link that might be useful: Own Root Cuttings Setup Gallery

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