did I goof?

sorie6(6b ok.)August 6, 2011

My bee balm got 4' tall this year and I jsut went out and cut most of it down. It's quit blooming. I'm hoping it will come back and bloom again for fall? So did I goof? Thanks

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

So, um, if somebody says that you did goof, are ya gonna glue 'em back together? ;-)

Nope! You didn't goof! It's in the mint family, and it's pretty hard to hurt it! If you didn't already, go back and cut it down to about an inch above the ground. It's going to grow back up from the crown, and if you leave taller stems, they'll just sit there looking ugly for the rest of the year--and even if they do start to get some new growth out of the old stems, the old stem part will still look bad. If the old stems are gone, and all the new growth comes from the base, it'll look nice for the rest of summer, even if it doesn't rebloom. I've never grown it myself--because of the mildew problem and the potential invasiveness of it, and I can't remember if it usually rebloomed in pots or not--but I think not!

You done good,

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Ok thanks. I didn't want to kill it. It has been so pretty and full. I didn't cut it back all the way but will today. Thanks again skybird.

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