Have and want (nothing rare or exotic here

Frances CoffillJuly 26, 2013

I have well rooted cuttings of "The Fairy" and a rambler I was told was "Gardenia Rose"

The Fairy (I have two) are small, but have been growing on their own roots for about 6 months.

The Rambler (a true beauty , once blooming, but worth every inch of realestate for the sheer abundance of blooms) has been in the ground for a year now. and will need serious pruning.

Rugosa Red (dark pink actually) I have every size of this, blooms heavy in the spring and occassionally for the rest of the year. Beautiful fragrant,
I want:

Lady Banks Rose.(Rosa banksiae Lutea)
Cutting(s) of any size well rooted

I will consider other old rambler or shrub types. But I really want this one, I have had no success with cuttings of this rose and am hoping that someone has had better luck than me.

I have many other things available for trade including 3 different weigelia (red, pink, variagated) , giant green hosta, coral bells (rasberry regal) 

all of my plants are well established and would be shipped priority mail, BARE ROOT, with the foliage trimmed back to reduce shock and and allow for shipping in an appropriate sized parcel. 
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