Help, I got a lil too anxious.

sillynasty(9)November 12, 2013

So this last summer I grew peppers (golden habaneros, bells and jalape�o) for the first time. And I'm officially a chili addict now.

Anyhow I saved some seeds so I can triple my crop for next year. Well I decided to test about 30 seeds to check they're viability and to my surprise every last one sprouted.

I was wondering how they would fare with it being so late in the year.

I am new to this and I really would hate to lose that many plants. Any help would be very much appreciated.

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judo_and_peppers(Tampa FL)

if you're in zone 9 as the thing next to your name says, you should be fine. just don't plant them in the ground, and be prepared to bring them in if the temps dip below 40. they won't die unless it gets below freezing, but if you bring them in at 40 you'll ensure maximum health. peppers will do well until you or the frost kills them. if you can protect them from frost, they'll do well until you kill them.

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I agree with Judo and peppers. They probably wont produce a lot of fruit during the winter but will be producing nice ripe peppers for you by early next summer.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

You have wandered into the trap that ALL pepper growers (nay, likely "all growers") enter every year - starting way too many plants. I germinated over 100 seeds this year and even after certain unreferenceable disasters ended up growing out 80 plants. It was fun!

Anyway, starting this early is a great way to get your disasters behind you. Just keep them warm, give them LIGHT and dirt and not too much love (i.e. water) and stand back.


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Ok. Thanks for the positivity. I thought for sure they were doomed. I just brought em in and they're under light now. The weather out here is getting chilly (for us 50 is cold :). )

But yeah I am hooked. There are so many questions I have and this forum helps. Thanks again guys.


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