Are my peppers still ok?

springschelNovember 15, 2010

I am embarassed to admit that I negelected my peppers :(

I have 3 pounds of sliced jalapenos that I was soaking in water (not brine) to prepare to pickle them. I was not attempting to ferment them.

However, life got in the way and I neglected them. When I got back to them (after several days), I noticed that there is a white (almost waxy) looking scum on the surface of the water. They smell like peppers, but there doesn't appear to be any bubbles in the water. Are they unsafe and need to be trashed?

If they are safe, what should I do with them now? Can I just pickle them as I had intended...or should I attempt to ferment them. My original intent was for longer storage.

Thank you very much.


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Does't sound good. I would trash em. Jalapenos are pretty cheap to buy at most supermarkets. I would wait for more replies though because I'm certainly not an expert.

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