Leaf- bud cutting success. Purple Pavement.

overdriveJuly 19, 2013

Hi, I called it a "modified Burrito", but this is basically leaf bud method - I used just barely bloomed Purple Pavement rugosa, which is tricky because the foliage and stem will easily rot. I took semi-ripe cuttings with just two buds, and one leaf, so about 2" of stem with 2 buds and one leaf. The cutting is dipped in rooting gel, and then the entire stem is buried (which is the resemblance to burrito), just the leaf is sticking out of the medium. My medium is: partly rotted Christmas tree (rotted for 2 years and obviously full of fungal micelia) 3 parts, commercial compost 1 part, peat moss 1 part. I add 2 cups of lime for a wheel barrow full of the medium. Notice I use NON-STERILE medium - chock full of bacteria and fungi!!! I use 4" peat pots, and each tray of cuttings is covered with a plastic cover, and then I left it under fluorescent light for 24/7 at 72 degrees. Nothing else was done, and for many days I forgot about them, and didn't even check. Now at 4 weeks later, I have about 50% or more rootings success - 12 dozen cuttings, and 6 dozen rooted. The rest turn brown and die. I think I am doing pretty well! - have a nice day, paul m.

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Congrats!!!! I wish I could have that much success with rooting! I gave it a try last fall winter and this past spring. Out of 100+ cuttings, I got 1 that my daughter (only 8yrs old) broke off my grandmothers rose bush and stuck in pot as a kinda "oops did I just do that" type thing. We tried all different methods, different types of roses, and season's. ( It started as my daughters science project and I kinda got a little obsessed, lol) I even went so far as to buy pure IBA and NNA to make my own rooting hormone. That didn't work either I rooted all kinds of other stuff like gardenias, hibiscus,bouganvillias, etc. But no luck with roses :-( So I say WOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!! Soon enough you'll have a yard and house full of baby roses!!! I'm so jealous ! ;-)

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Hi, I link to pictures of my indoor fluorescent garden - see below.
I attribute my success to the choice of potting mix: instead of sterile mix, I use 2 year old composted shredded Christmas tree, mixed with peat moss and garden-center compost enriched with worm casting. I believe the bacterial flora in this mix inhibits the fungal organisms that quickly overgrow cuttings when trying to go "sterile".

Here is a link that might be useful: my indoor fluorescent garden.

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