Rubus spectabilis, salmonberry, Nederland??

jclepine(8b)August 25, 2008

Hi all. I am wondering what chances I might have with a salmon berry up here in Ned. I'm not entirely sure if I'm a zone four or five, but this last winter was more of a five and the previous winter was a definite four.

They say it is hardy to zone 5. Is this something I could protect in winter and expect it to return or would I just lose it in the cold?

I am jealous of my brother's wild yard (Oregon coast) which is covered with wild salmon berries. Grr! No, I'm not really jealous, I just like those plants!

Maybe there is a cultivar that is hardier?

I'd love to know if anyone way-up is having any luck!

Thanks :)


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Really, I don't know anything about salmonberries, I've never even seen them, but they grow in Alaska. My Alaska wild berry book lists 2 plants as salmonberry. Rubus spectabilis (growing on canes like raspberries) which they show growing along the all of the southern coastal areas. They show Rubus chamemorous (aka cloudberry) as growing throughout the state. It is a perennial up to 5" tall.
Don't know if this is helpful, but I'd think there's a chance...

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Azura(z5 CO)

Hey Jennifer!
I love salmon berries. They grew wild in my yard where I grew up in the Seattle area. I have also seen them on hikes in Oregon, Montana and not so far from where Digit lives in Idaho. You have great timing with this thread because I was up in Aspen this last weekend and guess what I found on a hike at the base of Maroon Bells? Ripe salmon berries! It was a single plant and my husband was floored when I started popping random berries in my mouth but its the first time I've ever seen them in Colorado. I kept looking for more on the rest of the hike but couldn't spot any. I believe we were at 10,500 foot elevation. I hope this helps!

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Thank you both!! This really helps. I think the zones I saw were for the cultivated varieties and the ones I want are the wild ones.

If they can grow in Aspen, they can grow here!

Oh, Azura, I pop all the wild berries I am familiar with! Darren and I go up the Hessie trail head, near Eldora, and just make stained-fingers fools of ourselves! I know what not to eat, so I think it is safe :)

Thank you both!!


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rubus spectabilis grows very well here in seattle, giving wonderful flowers and berries. they seem to be fond of moist conditions with partial sun not full sun for best foliage. i believe they will do well in nederlands.

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Thanks, Liliya. I kind of forgot I posted this! I may be wrong but it looks like you might think I live in the Netherlands (just because you wrote Nederlands with an "s"). I actually live in Nederland, Colorado. And, since they don't do that well in full sun, I'm thinking they might not do well in my yard.

I garden in full sun and the winds are mighty powerful. I do have a small, shady back yard and I've seen them growing in Colorado (somewhere near Lake Granby I think) but I don't really tend to the back of the house. I just watch the raspberries bloom, fruit and then go pick them.

I am still thinking about trying salmon berries, I just haven't yet. And, seeing as how I never really pick all the raspberries, I'm not sure it is the best choice right now.

Thanks for the input! I'll just pick them from my brother's yard in Oregon when I visit...

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