Is this poison ivy?

dawny2u2August 27, 2013

I transplanted this vine I found in my woods to cover some utility fencing for privacy. My friend came over the other day and said it was posion ivy! After looking it up - it does look like all the pics I've found. Any input?

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Ooo, looks like it might be, doesn't it?! But do you have a closeup of it, or can you post onto a site such as Picassa and provide the link - that way, we can zoom in to look at it closer.

But if it is, guess you aren't sensitive to it after having transplanted it without getting a rash!


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Hi Marj. I kind of cheated - after I posted here I saw the "name that plant" section. I added another section that had just finished blooming and had a couple id's as clematis. I didn't realize there was a wild clematis except the low one I've seen. So I guess I'll look into that. And yes - I was shocked if its posion ivy that didn't bother me...can't even pick zucchini without getting a rash, lol

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Clematis ligusticifolia I believe

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