moving climbing roses

surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)July 19, 2007

I have 3 climbing rose bushes that need to be moved. They are golden showers, joseph's coat, and queen elizabeth. For whatever reason they are not doing well at all where they are located even though they are in their 3rd season.

I want to move them to a sunnier and more convenient location for watering. I think that is their problem. Just need some advice on moving them and whether I should wait till the weather cools down.

Thanks so much for any advice.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

Sara, you'll get more responses over on the main Roses Forum.

Roses can be moved at any time, but during hot weather, you'll want to be extra careful. Prepare the new holes first. Then water your plants very well in their existing location. You can trim them down if you like. The next day, dig up your plants, making sure to come out wide enough to get a large part of the root ball. Move the plant to its new location and plant. Water in well and check for watering. They might get transplant shock (yellow leaves that drop off) that happens. Don't under or over water. Don't fertilize until you see new growth after you move the plants.

Now, with the plants that you name, I wonder if blackspot might not be another issue. It is a fungal disease that will affect your plants. Treatment is by regular application of a fungicide.

Third thing is, if your Queen Elizabeth is the climbing version, then it is a notorius non-bloomer. Nice shrubbery, not many blooms. The regular bush (non-climbing) version is very vigorous and a bloom machine.

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surfpnsbch(z8 NWFL)

Thanks so much for your advice. My Queen Elizabeth is indeed a climbing. It finally bloomed this past spring and the flower was wonderful and fragrant. Probably only about a dozen blooms if that many. I'll have to get a regular one.

I spray for fungal diseases regularly so don't think that is the problem. However, I've been wrong before.

Thanks again for your help.

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