John Davis rose

blossom123(Zone 5)July 11, 2008


I saw in HMF that this rose is a wonderful cane-hardy climber up to Zone 2b. I live in Waukesha, Wisconsin, which is Zone 5a/5b and can be taken close to 4. Does anyone grow this rose here, and how does it do for you.

Is it disease resistant in our humid weather ?

Can I grow this rose from cuttings ? Ifso, I Would love to have some cuttings and be interetsted in trading with you.

I have


scarlet meidiland,

william baffin,

Red Eden rose


Thank you so much !


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Yeah, I've got John Davis. They are fantastic hardy roses from the Explorer series developed by the Agriculture Dept. of Canada, when they still had staff, and were actually doing stuff. She would plant out the achenes in Kapuskasing, zone 2, and anything that survived there was selected. It grows well from cuttings, and I've got two growing on their own roots. I've got roses coming out of my ears at the moment, so I don't need any more. Sativa.

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blossom123(Zone 5)

Thanks for the info cannabisgrower. I see you are in Canada, so we cannot exchange plants, is that right ?
I have never traded across the border.



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I think cuttings is pretty much the same as if I went to the store and bought some cut roses from Mexico. I don't see any difference, I pick up my stuff in Michigan, because you're right, mailing things across the border doesn't work very well.

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lionessrose(z4b Idaho)

Hello there.
I do have John Davis.
He is a wee bit of a feller, planted last season arriving in a 4X5 inch pot from High Country Roses all of maybe 3 inches tall.
He is an own root and nearing a little over a foot tall this season.
I am located in Idaho zone 4b, not humid here, more so hot and dry.
For his tiny little size he came back strong, made it through an unprotected winter, has new growth and gave me quite a lot of blooms this season.
I couldn't find a patent, so I assume it is okay to propagate.
I don't know if a cutting would work with his infant size but would be happy to send you one if you think you can make it grow.
Heirloom and High Country Roses normally offer it however it appears both are sold out at this time.

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