Can someone recommend insurance co. for small farm/market garden?

peterpotato(4b)September 26, 2009

Our homeowners policy is being cancelled by State Farm (any irony there?) because we "grow and sell vegetables" and they have "liability concerns."

Can anyone with direct experience recommend a company not afraid to insure a small (3.27 acres) farm with a manufactured home on it? We'd been with this company for 9+ years, no problems. Suddenly we're a "liability concern."

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david52 Zone 6

Peter, who is your State Farm agent? Assuming you haven't made any claims, which might open another can of worms, seems odd..... I use the folks across the street from the Wendy's in Cortez, and they've always been helpful.

But, off the top of my head, Farmers Insurance might be worth checking out.

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Why can't they just change your policy type!? That's ridiculous!!

That being said, we've got Farmers for our homeowners and they're great. I haven't ventured into selling veggies (yet) but wouldn't be opposed to it exactly...

Hope you can sort it out!!

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Well, that would be disturbing news!

If you talk with the state ag agencies the story seems to always be that if you sell produce off the farm, your farm insurance will cover it. This invites the question, what if you aren't a full-time farmer and this is a sideline activity?

I've noticed that the experts, even those encouraging local food production, are mute on this issue.

Here's a suggestion: talk to your local farm bureau insurance people. I see that there are 2 offices in Cortez. These outfits apparently insure just about everything.


Here is a link that might be useful: CO farm bureau insurance - farm coverage

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Thanks for the follow-ups. Steve, I checked out the link you sent. Looks good and we'll investigate.
David, it's the same folks you use. Tom assured us he'd personally look into it and make it right. The next contact we got was a letter telling us to look for other coverage. Not even a phone call. Seemed kind of chicken, especially since the policy gets cancelled in 4 days. I'll check into Farmers. And I wouldn't go out of your way to let Tom know you're commiting the sin of "growing and selling" those highly dangerous products of the earth. Could get you 86'ed.

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david52 Zone 6

Sell a tomato and get your home owners insurance policy cancelled. Who knew.

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Is this all part of an "adversarial" relationship that the insurance industry is threatening us with if we dare alter our relationship with them in the realm of health insurance?

"The friendly, "good neighbor" policies will come to an end, folks!! You are messing with our money, feel our power!"


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I forgot to answer david52's question regarding claims. No claims. Ever.
Along the lines of answering my own question, I checked out the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union to see if they offer policies, and it seems they do. We will contact this guy in Cortez that I've linked to below (in case anyone else is having the same issues).
I can't figure out why all the insurance companies are so eager to write a policy for cars - which kill 10's of thousands of American every year - and yet be so squeemish regarding the source of their sustenance (assuming insurance underwriters actually consume food directly; not just second hand through blood). Anyway, I digress. The link:

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmers Union insurance link

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