Newbee Here... With a few rookie questions.

Bill_Missy(8b)November 26, 2012


I have read allot on this site, great info and talking points. First time grower. I have tried my luck from seeds this year with Jalapenos�, Korean pepper (Proper name)? Caribbean habanero, Cow Horn, Bell peppers, Scotch Bonit and a couple others. All in all not to bad. Started all from seeds purchased on line at a reputable place. I tried most in 5 gal pots and some in the Louisiana dirt. Well to a couple questions if you don�t mind. I started these seeds in April this year and the winter is hitting. I think I have lost a couple good looking Ghost pepper plants (Non-producer at all this year) to frost (I just got back from a 5 day vacation) I brought most of my pots inside (I have about 15 pots of various kinds). Is there help to bring them back? What do I do?
Currently they are in the house that is staying at 68 degrees, under a 4 bulb garage/contractor light.
Also, I want to start growing from seed, indoor Ghost pepper plants and am in need of info to set up with lighting, so if anyone knows a good article to start from seed under lamps and make a "House Plant" it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance,

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I do not grow indoors but here is one of many threads you can read through.

Good luck:)

Here is a link that might be useful: indoor grow

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Don't give up on the frostbitten ghosts. If the frost was brief, it was just the leaves that got bit. Trim back like you were overwintering, and watch for new leaves.

Btw, here is where the pots work against you. Plants in pots are much more susceptible to cold than in-ground plants.

As for growing pepper-producing plants indoors, peps are like marijahooki. Both give you a high [ahem], and both are high energy plants that want a lot of light. Look at marijuana-growing setups. They will translate directly.

Also look at the GardenWeb FAQ 'Growing under Lights'.

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