Aji Limon, Lemon Drop and Hot Lemon

aleksandar(8a BC)November 8, 2007

I'm having some difficulty in finding accurate info on these peppers and wonder if anyone can help. I think that the Aji Limon is different from the other two, which seem to be the same, however some identify the Aji Limon as chinense while other info suggests that all there are baccatums. I have what I believe is a Hot Lemon and would like to make sure.

BTW, it is a fabulous chile in taste, production and hardiness.



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Try this site. There is a cool database that you can search. I tried and it looks like those are different names for a Peruvian pepper.
Where did you get the seeds?


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aleksandar(8a BC)

That is a very good site that I did consult, thanks. It seems to suggest that the Aji is different from the other two, but classifies all three as baccatums. Another site classifies the Aji as chinense. I definately have one of the other two according to most descriptions. I bought the plant over a year ago and I think it was labeled as Hot Lemon.

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I think it is all the same plant and it is a baccatum. However, there might be different strains of the same thing with slightly different sizes to the peppers.

Limon looks like lemon but Limon is really also a town in Coata Rica where they grow and ship hot peppers and can refer to something different. I think the Limon can be a chinese type when it comes from Limon, Costa Rica. But I think the Limon is a red color and looks more like a standard habanero type and not at all like the yellow lemon color baccatum.

The Aji Limon name will refer to the yellow baccatum which is also called the Lemon Drop.

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aleksandar(8a BC)


I suspected that they were all the same, but a few small descriptive differences started me thinking that they were different. For example one site describes the Aji pods as growing horizontaly or pointing upwards. I think I'll have to grow the Aji to see if there is any true difference.

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Limon is a chinenses. Aji Limon, Aji lemon drop, and hot lemon are Baccatums. I've never grown the Chinense, but the Baccatums are great.

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I grow the Aji Lemondrop. It is not upright; the pepper yield is very heavy for the plants and they hang down.

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Yes the lemon drop has a nice high yield. They will also grow in small containers. I consider lemon drop one of the best peppers to grow. Although after growing it I would expect some people will have other favorites. One pepper can not keep everyone happy.

I think the lemon drop peppers begin by pointing upward but as they get big and heavy they hang down.

I suspect that they would dry very easy sliced open.

Has anyone noticed a difference in the flavor and or heat in the green immature ones and the yellow ripe ones?

Does anyone have an approximate SHU value on the heat?

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I Know that I grew them this year and they were pretty hot but tasty. I had four plants and there were so many that I didn't know what to do with them. Some made it to salsa and some went to people who waanted to try a "lemon" tasting pepper. They were pretty suprised.

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Easiest way to distinguish a baccatum is by the spots on the petals-chinense do not have them

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There is a big pepper grower in Pennsylvania that makes a hot sauce from Lemon Drow with Apricots. sounds pretty good to me. I have no idea what the recipe might be. They sell the hot sauce. Claim it is popular. if anyone has any ideas on a recipe please post here. I like apricots so it appeals to me.

Does anyone have information on the difference in this pepper between being green and yellow. I have read a claim that it is better when green.

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Better when green? I'll try one tonight and let you know.

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I tried a maturing green Lemondrop yesterday. It was delicious and had a different flavor. I prefer ripe and yellow, but green is good. As expected it has a strong "green" taste component, similar to a young jalapeño or serrano. The other flavors are there too, but stronger in the ripe fruit. The green was hot, and really got my appetite going. Green Lemondrops would be good as an appetizer, but overall they taste better when yellow.

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