Rosa rugosa sucker - No signs of life

irene_dsc(5)July 13, 2007


This past spring, I transplanted a rosa rugosa (alba) sucker from my old house to the new house. I have to admit, I didn't do much for it - dug it up, cut at the connection, put it in a pot. There was new growth on it at the time, but while it was sitting in the pot on my patio, some of the leaves all died, I assumed from transplant shock. A few weeks after I potted it, I put it in our new border. It wasn't looking too healthy, so I cut it back to just three sticks. This was a while ago - maybe mid-June?

Well, I haven't seen a single sign of life on this poor rose. I've been watering the border with a soaker hose, and most of my other plants are doing well. It is a semi-lasagna bed (since it is partly under an ornamental cherry tree) with lots of compost on top and in the hole with the rose.

Is there anything else I should be doing for this poor rose bush?

Right now, I'm thinking that if I don't see any signs of life by fall, I'm going to put my newly discovered peony there (which is in too much shade right now). But, if necessary I can find another spot for the peony (tho it might not happen until *next* fall).

Thanks for any help...

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donnaz5(Z5 NY)'ve got nothing to lose by still watering it..don't give up hope, rugosas are tough may just be pouting..i transplanted a rugosa once that i was sure was dead, and the following spring, it decided to grow..hang in there!! donna

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Thanks, Donna, for the signs of hope! So, I'll give it until sometime next spring, I guess. It is in a large border with a soaker hose, so it is definitely getting watered. (The whole border is new - no established plantings at all.)

( I'm wondering if dh turned off the soaker hose - it might be getting watered extra, extra!!!!)

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

How I usually deal with suckers is to pot them up, and sit the pots in water for a couple of weeks. They come out when the rose has either produced new growth, or otherwise shown it has stabilized. Suckers can vary widely in the amount of roots they possess, and usually are getting a fair amount of support from the parent plant that has to be compensated for.

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Thanks, MG. I suppose I should've posted a question earlier, lol. Now I know...

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