Dig up underground rose shoots?

shynonJuly 7, 2010

I bought a home in NY state that has a garden of mostly perennials. The previous owners planted a rose bush and it has spread underground throughout the perennials and there are long canes lying atop everything, with roses at just the ends. How do I manage these? Do I just cut everything back to the ground? Do I dig some of the spreading parts up and replant them? I have found the original plant and think the rest spread from there. I don't even know what kind of rose it is - if a climber or what! I don't want it to take over the perennials and if I could relocate the roses that would be good.

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you should be able to cut the sucker off at the base of the other rose. it should help the other rose grow stronger. it may be a runner , or it could be rootstock like Dr. Huey

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Thank you so much. I was unsure about being able to cut them off. I have a few roses in Florida but they are bushes I bought myself and knew what to expect. This had me stumped! I didn't even know some could spread underground until I saw these. Can I cut them as soon as the flowers are gone? The roses are small pink carnation-looking, not like the petaled roses I'm familiar with.

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Interesting, can you send a picture to my email? It doesn't sound like Rootstock? Dr. Huey is Red, reminds me of a Mr. Lincoln almost.

Is the plant / small pink carnation looking flowers, the same type of flowers that are on the "mother" plant ? If you are going to cut the sucker, you can do it before the sucker flowers, the sooner the better, as it is just taking energy from the parent plant by the sounds of it. Also any idea on when the rose was planted? sounds like it could be a mystery =)

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mad_gallica(zone 5 - eastern New York)

What you have is probably a rugosa called Pink Grootendorst. As you have found out, they spread. If you dig them up, unless you get all of it, it will be back. You will have to keep at it.

If you want to establish one elsewhere, get as much root as possible. Preferably with some feeder roots, but not all suckering roses produce a lot feeder roots. Curl it up in a 1 or 2 gallon pot, add soil, and put the whole thing in a saucer of water in the shade. When it starts growing, it has enough of a root ball to come out of the water and be treated as a normal plant.

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celeegra(6 NYC)

I just moved into a new place that has a pink rosebush. It bloomed once & then stopped. It has new growth on it, but after that one early bloom, it stopped producing flowers.

Recently I was digging up the daylilies around it that looked like they were choking the rose, & I found what looks like a runner about 5 feet long. I wasn't sure if it was ok to cut this since I didn't want to damage the root, but is this why my bush is not blooming this summer?

Can I cut this off?

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