Id antique rose

kagentJuly 26, 2008

Have an old rose that is pink. The edges of the petals look like carnation they had been cut with pinking shears. It had been at the location for probably 40 or more years. Has small bright green leaves. It is not aclimber apparently reaching a height of 3 to 4 feet in our climate...Has transplanted successfully. Would love to know what it is. Thanks for any help.


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does it have a fragrance, and what are the prickles like?

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If the blooms are small, about 1.5 inches or so, then you likely have Fimbriata. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fimbriata

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catsrose(VA 6)

You should post this on the Antique Rose forum. A photo would be helpful. If you cannot post a photo, desribe in more detail. Single blossoms? multiple bunches? How large. Describe thorns.

It is not Fimbriata, which is white, with a hint of pink at most, and is a Rugosa, which does not have small leaves.

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Pink Grootendorst has carnation like petals and is a rugosa. There is a whole family of Grootendorst sports.

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