When to transplant rose cuttings?

cicelychenJuly 22, 2011

Hi, so I took rose cuttings about 3 weeks ago from my parents' house in southern California and started them in a shaded location in small pots under glass jars on the north side of my house here in Atlanta, GA. They look like they're doing well and I'm hoping they will be rooted in another few weeks (around Aug 15).

Now, I've heard that fall is the best time for transplanting, but since I took these cuttings pretty late in the season, do I need to pot them up in gallon containers, place them in my garage, and overwinter them and plant them in spring?

I have had no experience in propagating rose cuttings before.

1. Should I plant them in fall, winter, or spring?

2. Should I transplant to larger pots? If so, when? and for how long?

3. Should I be transferring them to the ground when they have leaves or when they're dormant?

4. Do I need to wrap them? Or will a layer of ground mulch be sufficient?

Last year we had a particularly brutal winter where it snowed a few times, once with 6 in which stayed on the ground because of a week-long freezing spell. However, I think winters here are generally not too bad, with Dec - Jan having lows of 15-20 and highs of 35-40.

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seil zone 6b MI

I'm not in your zone but I would think that if they have rooted and are growing and blooming you could plant them out. Not knowing that much about how hot it is there right now I'd say maybe fall would be best. But if you really want more specific info for your area I know Atlanta has a rose society. You should contact them and ask for help. I'm sure they'd be happy to answer all your questions and it would be the right information for your zone. You can find information about contacting a local rose society by going to the American Rose Society's web site.

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