Yellow rose rooting and mister plus vid

hummersteveJuly 28, 2014

I used this same method last summer and will also show pic of that plant but with the extreme winter it didnt survive in my garage. I was hoping to give it to my sis. So I tried again this season and some success again. Out of 10 cuttings two rooted. I use 6" pots with a mix of 50% potting soil and 50% course vermiculite. I stick these guys in full sun and run my orbit mister all day as long as sun is out. On overcast days I dont run it but for the most part all day till sunset. I started these around june 1st , dont when they actually rooted but when I started seeing roots out of the bottom of pot I up potted. I said when they flower they will go to sis and she can care for them.

maybe overkill but I wanted to give their roots room

the largest of two

the smallest but it is rooted patience is key

my pride and joy

Just for fun here is the cutting from last year and as you can see on its way too bad it didnt make it thru the winter. This method works.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orbit Mister

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Congratulations! They look very nice.

I started mist again this summer, too. Used to do it but hadn't in a long time.

It works wonderfully, even with a primitive set up. I'm using one of those "kennel cooler" lines--about 10' long with 6 mister heads. I added a Raindrip timer & a sand filter recently because our water is so mineralized it was encrusting the cuttings' leaves. Running it ~15-20 minutes/hr now, or can manually set it to run more.

Some things rooted in 15 days! Stuff roots great in this hot weather under mist.

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