Tea Roses have no flowers

Farmer-EdJuly 4, 2011


Last year my wife bought some tea roses from a Hardware store (McClendon's) here in the North West (Washington State). They had beautiful flowers when we bought them and quikcly lost them after transplanting them (which I figured it was due to the shock).

This year however, they have not yielded any flowers (even though my wife has feed them flower food). We placed them in a location where they would get plenty of sun and we make sure to water them. The plants look healthy and green (I've cut back the dead branches from the Winter), so I am wondering if there is anything I should do.

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Farmer Ed, might these roses have name tags on them? I can't imagine a hardware store, particularly in Washington, carrying "Tea Roses". Hybrid Teas, floribundas, etc., yes as they are readily available either bare root or canned. Teas are something all together different.

There are a number of possibilities, from weather, climate, insects or animals eating the flower buds, improper pruning, or even rootstock instead of named cultivar. Perhaps if you could post photos and provide the names of the varieties, it might help. Kim

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vissara(8 OR)

I picked up Mlle. de Sombreuil at a hardware store here is Oregon so you may well have true teas.

If you do I wouldnt worry about the lack of flowers this year. I'm not sure where exactly you are, but teas like heat and so far this year most of the northwest just hasn't had it.

As long as they stay healthy looking I'd keep doing what you are doing and hope we either get a long summer or a better 'spring' next year

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seil zone 6b MI

Do you know the names of the roses? There must have been names on the packages. Did they bloom more than once last year or did they just have one big bloom? And how often did you fertilize them? There are so many kinds of roses and they all grow and bloom differently. It would really help to have more information.

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