would love to try growing rosa gallica officianalis

gardenunusual(5b)July 23, 2011

Hi all,

Interested in growing an apothecary rose to try my hand at making rosary beads. Willing to send postage for cuttings.

Many thanks.

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seil zone 6b MI

I could not find any rose with that name at Help me find dot com slash roses. Do you mean rosa glauca?

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There are several sources listed for this rose on HelpMeFind.com.

Click on the "buy from" tab.

Apothecary's rose, aka Rosa gallica officinalis.

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sonbie(CA Z9)

I know what you mean and I have rooted runners. I can do for postage-or do you have any ogr's to trade?

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Thanks, Sonbie! I don't at the moment have any other antique roses, I do have a velvety red rose that is just stunning when it blooms. I also have cuttings from a peach pink rose that has many buds on one stem. Or I can send you postage.

I do appreciate - T

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hi everyone,
Iam new in grow roses and in this site too, Is anyone available to send me some cuts, I would love to try roses.
Thank you.

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sonbie(CA Z9)

Yikes, I am sorry for not checking back with you. I can still send you a rooted cutting for postage. Here is the size and cost-$5.20
Priority Mail
Small Flat Rate Box
8-5/8" x 5-3/8" x 1-5/8". If that is too small, I would use a priority rate.
If you contact me at my sondbie@gmail.com we can get this rose to you!

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