Buds on a cutting.

cjolliffJuly 10, 2009

I have a cutting I rooted last year from my neighbors yard. I believe it's a HT. It over wintered in a 10" pot and survived just fine, desp[ite our horrible winter season. It's put on some good growth this season, it threw up a couple little cane's well over a foot. It stopped growing for a couple of months, and I repotted it about 2 weeks ago into a 12" pot. It has since put out some new growth as well as some buds. Should I pinch the buds to encourage more root strength or does it sound like the plant is mature enough to bloom?

Another member posted a message in another rose forum, and rather than steal their thunder I decided to ask here.

Thanks in advance


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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

Congrats on your success. The norm train of thought is to pinch the buds off. However, as some of the experts have said...Why not let at least one open so you know what you have and/or to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I pulled a dummy this year, I rooted some just to see if I could do it and 2 that took I had forgotten to label so I have to let them bloom so I know what I have.


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Thanks Liz, I'm excited to see it bloom. I'll be sure to pinch off the small buds in the morning. And congrats to you too, I rooted as well just to see if I can.


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This may be a minority opinion .... If the rose is growing well, no matter how young or small, I don't pinch off any of the buds. Your rose is a year old and it sounds like it may be ready to take its place in the garden.


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Connie, you're right, it does some like it's ready for the ground. I'll be planting it very soon.


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i vote for let it bloom - that is what the rose loves to do - why make the rose miserable. pinch off all the buds but one, and let that one bloom. then keep pinching them off until bush is nice and big.

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