Where to get Fortuniana Rootstock?

bigpaulie1972(9B Melbourne FL)July 4, 2010

I live in Florida and would love to take a few cuttings from some of the rose bushes my neighbor has. They are all on Fortuniana rootstock and I was wondering where I could find a good source for rootstock? Can I take root cuttings of the existing plants or can I get a Fortuniana seed?

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fortuniana is the plant they are rooted on. You can take cuttings and try them own root, or you can graft onto fortuniana. let me look around as the sun goes down to see if i have spare fortuniana

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Earlier this year I got my Fort. plant from Antique Rose Emporium, in Texas..... it has done very well but still pencil-thin canes, so it does take some time to get big enough to use for a root-stock.... sally

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@ Saldut, your China Doll is still doing well.Both just on Fortuniana, and as a standard. I will bring it to one of the rose meetings in the Fall.

I guess that St. Pete has put new roses in the city garden, and I have been speaking to some people about adding a few roses to the mix!

We should get together when the weather gets down to the 80's or so (Before the Fall rose meetings)and I will teach you how to graft. You are welcome to use my misting system, and to stop in whenever.Pencil thin canes are about perfect size for grafting. Either email me or give me a call, Sally.

@ Bigpaulie, I do not have much extra rooted Fortuniana at the moment, well, that I saw this morning. I can however, send you cuttings in the mail on Monday, if you would like.

It roots pretty easily from cuttings.I have 3 Fortuniana's for grafting use, and my neighbor has one also, so we have plenty.

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I would like to have some Fortuniana rootstock. I have searching, and am still searching, for such a source. I have just begun to work with roses, and am interested in saving an old, beautiful rose, that belongs to a neighbor. I will try cuttings but would like to graft to Rortuniana rootstock.

Will appreciate any informaiton.

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Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis sells VI (virus indexed) root stock and rose variety cuttings. Their availability list, price list, order form, etc. are all on the link below. Fortuniana is one of the many they offer. Yes, you can just use any Fortuniana, but unless it is Indexed, you have no way of knowing whether it is virused or not. Why take that chance? Kim

Here is a link that might be useful: Foundation Plant Services UC Davis

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Would suckers be suitable for rooting for eventual rootstock? I'm constantly snapping off suckers from our nearly 100 rosebushes -- I have never seen anything sucker like Fortuniana!

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They'd probably work, but without having them tested, they could be virused and you'd not know it until it showed itself. Kim

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You can order fortuniana rootstock from http://fps.ucdavis.edu/rose.html very cheap but you'll have to root them!Good Luck.

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