is it to late to take a cutting??

maggie_berry(z6CT)July 31, 2008


I have been successful in the past. I live in Connecticut.

Is it to late to take a cutting??

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The only time it is too late is after a good hard frost or three. I took 150 cuttings last fall right before the first snowfall in November, and I got about half of them to root nicely. Right now I have 80 feet or rose hedge, thanks to my efforts, and about 25 bushes left over to give to my friends. Fair Bianca, David Austin. Fall is a nice time, because you can chop up the whole bush - it will regrow nicely next year, most of the branches would be lost to winter kill anyway, at least in my zone. Sativa.

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Thank You for your quick response.
Now, that the beetles are gone, I need to do a lot of pruning and stuff for the last flush of the year.
This is going to be fun!I will start with some of my Austins

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elks(US5 Can6)

Are you propagating indoors?
The only time to take a cutting is after a hard frost?
I propagate outdoors and have taken cuttings as late as mid-August. They have rooted, and I have been able to successfully bring them through winter.
Indoors, I imagine you could do it anytime, but please enlighten me. I don't understand your answer fully.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prpagating and Over-Wintering Soft-Wood Cuttings Outside

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Hi, I learned from the internet: google search for George Mander, who is a member here, and Cheryl Netter.
I waited last year, to take cuttings until the very last possible moment, meaning that I delayed until snowfall was forecast for the next day. A few frosts really don't harm the rose foliage. If you search this forum under the name object16, you will find the whole story, with discussion.
Unfortunately, object16 got involved in a flame war over the optimum temperature for photosynthesis, and even though object16 was correct, and is a very experienced indoor grower, he got banned. Cannabisgrower sprang up out of the ashes, after a new internet service provider was hired, and he/she is different from object16 because he/she stays polite and respectful for other people's opinions. Sativa.

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Hi, I just set up some shop lights in my basement. Buy as many shop lights as you need for the size of the garden. I put 11 2 tube fixtures back to back for a 4 x 6' indoor garden. naturally, at the beginning, the cuttings need just LOW levels of light, don't overdo it. object16 explains about that in his threads. by growing your cuttings indoors over the winter, you have gained one season of growth, and your cuttings continue to grow on during the next spring summer and fall, and you get quite a nice bush at the end of it. Sativa.

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