Liquid Death

Edymnion(7a)November 1, 2011

Its about half way done. Thats 80 proof vodka with a bhut jolokia infusing into it. As you can see, the pepper is blanching nicely, and the vodka itself is turning yellow.

I started it at night, next morning I opened it up to fix something and the smell of the heat jumped up and smacked me in the face, I'm actually afraid to open it now, and its not even done yet.

Its going to be incredibly lethal once that pepper has gone totally white!

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Make some good Bloody Mary's with that.

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esox07 (4b)

Just don't drink too much. You would not want that coming back up.

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A couple of years ago I popped a few orange habs in a 26er of vodka, put it in the cupboard and forgot about it for a couple of months.

When I stumbled across it I decided to mix up a spicy bloody mary. It damd near floored me. It was like what I'd imagine drinking battery acid would be like. Ended up cutting it 4 - 1 with straight vodka.

After my last experience I'm not brave enough to pop a Bhut into a bottle for a couple of days.

Edymnion, you're a braver person than I.


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Last year I stuck a fatalii in a bottle of vodka....didn't care much for it.

But, Habanero in Tequilla makes an awesome spicy margarita!!! I've got a couple of bottles this year, may do another yet just so I don't run out!

I haven't ever had a bhut, but, I bet that vodka would be wicked no matter what you mix it with! LOL

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Oh, I'm not going to drink this stuff. I'm crazy, not stupid!

I actually don't even drink (I'm a no good dirty teetotaler), so I honestly have no clue what I'm going to do with this stuff other than what I do with the bhuts, try to talk other people into trying it and filming their reactions.

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A few years ago I put several pequins in a small jar of vodka. I never really knew what to do with it, though. I occasionally used a teaspoon of it in hot cocoa and that was pretty good. I eventually tossed it out because I didn't know how long it would keep or if I was supposed to strain out the pods after a time.

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esox07 (4b)

Hey, Edymnion:
That is my major use for Bhuts also. hahaha

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Edymnion, put it up for Auction on Ebay and see how few might make decent offer. there are all kinds of crazy folks out there.

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Thats what I was originally intending to do. I even made up labels for them and everything. Then I actually bothered to read eBay's guidelines for posting auctions (I was looking because I named this brew something slightly vulgar, and wanted to see if they had any rules against the language).

eBay does not let you sell alcohol other than vintage wines. I could try some place like Etsy, but the big boy eBay is out.

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Veery nice! Been experimenting with pepper infusions since last year (look up the "blanched bhuts?" thread).

I know it will look especially cool (and evil) when the pepper is totally white in the bottle. I caution you though, in terms of flavor, you might want to take out the pepper when the vodka tastes perfect to you. While the flavor continues to develop over time, it will start to turn bitter as the pepper breaks down further.

.. or just keep them in for the novelty, and the brave :-D

Last note, i notice its floating towards the top, I suggest you use a chopstick or something to squeeze out the air in the pepper, so that it doesn't start to oxidize from the inside out.

Otherwise, enjoy! spicy margaritas, bloody mary's, or straight up for those wanting instant heat. I've been on the lookout for spicy infused drinks at the bars, and have seen that they generally have some citrus element, or some herb muddled in it. Guess the herbage goes with the savory chile flavor?


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