hey greenman28

t-bob(west wa)November 9, 2010

in a post about bhut ph levels this spring, you stated that you were going to add a tablespoon (or was it teaspoon) to a gallon of water and use that mix on a chocolate hab plant.

i'm curious whether you did this all summer and what your results were if you did continue thru the summer---thanx---bob

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, T-bob!
I didn't use the vinegar and water more than a few times this summer.
Once my pepper plants went into the ground, I ignored them (most of the time).

One of my good friends grew all of his peppers in containers.
Many of these were Choc Hab's and Red Hab's that I'd started for him.
Anyhow, on a couple occasions, a few of his plants began to yellow a bit.
I had him mix a two capfuls (about a Tablespoon) of white vinegar with
a gallon of water.

Next year, I might conduct a more controlled experiment.
This winter, I *will* use vinegar in my water for my indoor peppers.
Maybe I'll have something to report in the spring.

As for my other plants in containers....maples, citrus, conifers, avocado, pachira....
I add white vinegar (teaspoon per gallon) every time I water. I also fertilize lightly.


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