lopsided garden and cabbage patch roses....

serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)June 28, 2009

Everyone, this is dedicated to JeffAurora and Boxofrox as a plea that they when they go on vacation not! to stay away too long! I will be howling in desperation...where would I be without their roses! I'd only have my own pathetic collection to puzzle over....

So LOL! here is me showcasing my lopsided, pom-pom roses... With the Kansas harsh heat, my blossoms end up crooked and funny lookin'. This was the last! classical Lincoln tea form that I ever had! from the Lincoln bush that Monster Rabbit ate, way back in May before the heat wave and sun intensity struck!

That bush's foliage is now fat and fluffy, but then, so are its cabbage flowers. Now all I have are a breed of comical, lumpy Lincoln blooms from both sibling Lincolns.

Here is Gemini, again looking funny and quite a mushroom compared to JeffÂs beautiful GeminiÂAnd unlike Jeff who has very even beautiful coloration, mine has the color consistency of a roasted, Kansas-baked marshmallow, hee-hee! So that is why I completely drool over JeffÂs closeup roses and the beautiful landscape of Boxofrox's garden and his bouquets...

Sometimes I get a classical bud before the mushroom strikes Here is TiffanyÂ

Here is my hybrid Fragrant Cloud that is acting and looking like a Floribunda instead of an HT

Strangely my 2 Special Occasion baby bands are the only one to resemble any sort of classical HT. Maybe because theyÂre so small? But I have more buds that are getting ready to bloom so weÂll see what the rest look likeÂ

Finally here are my jungle gladiolus I donÂt think IÂll bother winterizing them They make my garden even more lopsided than it already is because some of the glads lean too much The orange glads and the Lincolns actually go really nice together, however, and I love the shape of the pink glads.

Hurry and come back from vacation Jeff!

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Well I think you have some very nice roses---At least the pictures are nice---LOL

that pink glad is very unusual--

Hope you can hold out for more pictures from Jeff and boxofrox----LOL


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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

That is way too funny, me thinkest thou dost protest too much. Who you trying to kid by under rating your photographic accumen ? I think you have a fine shutter digit as evidenced by your beautiful roses :-) Your Mr Lincolns put my one to shame since mine has assumed that nefariously all too common one cane wonder distinction :-(

Just to humor you however, consider this as my 4 day notice of impending 1 week vacation :-) I am kind of the head of my wife's family now that her parents are gone and by executive order I declared a yearly family vacation for all. Boy do I need it after building the nieces deck last w/e. Last year was our first and we rented a big house at the ocean and it was such a hit that everyone is really excited for this year. It's a totally different venue with lots of fun activities.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Your Fragrant Cloud looks especially impressive!!!


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Great pics, I really like the glads.

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

I found this older thread of yours serenasyh. If you took these pics, they are very good! What do you mean when you say lopsided garden with lumps? LOL . Do you mean your flowers lean? If so, that's no big deal...LOL... Lumps? You mean mounds in the soil making it uneven or something? If so,again, no big deal.


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