Hydrangea paniculata propogation

Mario.QAugust 12, 2012


I'm a propogation rookie and looking for some help with propagating Hydrangea Paniculata.

I made some cuttings in late spring and they rooted nicely. Once they started leafing out I transplanted them to a container and planted them using potting soil. I moved some of the cuttings outside in a shaded area to see how they would do. I kept them bottom watered. So they were more or less constantly moist. But, they all ended up wilting and dying off. What I found interesting is I also had some Hydrangea Macrophylla cuttings and they all did well outside....save for some foliage that was chewed off by a local rabbit.

I kept one of my H.P. cuttings inside and it is doing well and pushing new leafs (I also have some new cuttings I just made after removing some spent flowers from the mother plant). However, at this point I'm not sure what to do with this little plant. I'm scared to move it outside and have it die on me. I've been trying to harden the leafs off by putting it outside for a couple hours at a time. But, the plant looks to fraigle to place it outside to grow.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is I'm looking for some tips on getting a Hydrangea cutting from the stage where it's a leafed out cutting to a healthy plant that can survive out its own outside.


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Opps....posted in wrong forum...I blindly followed the propogation link on the main webpage.

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