Cuttings and a Mister!

hummersteveAugust 21, 2013

Ive just started a new batch of rose cuttings after seeing a post on here of rose cuttings and misting. The idea was to make you own mister with pvc pipe and putting your cuttings in builders sand and you get rooting two weeks time outside in full sun with constant misting. Anyway I only had play sand and a flower box to to start them in.

But the idea of this post is about a hose mister I found online which I have been using for about a month now . It is not your normal hose attachment which has several different modes of spray. This one is made for only ultra fine mist spray. Following is a link to mine in action which I put on you tube. Its called "orbit mistand" If it leaks at the hose connection back off a little at the brass mister nozzles. I got mine for about $10 and I love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orbit Mistand or Cobra mister

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This looks similar to mister sold at Home Depot in the garden section.

I am more interested in your progress with the root cuttings. After a month what is your success rate and what variety of cutting you are striking?


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In warm temps it takes me about 4 weeks for good roots using a mister and a timer. I have fairly good results though, more than I can plant and give away.

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That's a great problem to have, hey.

What timer and time period are being used? How much area is covered by your setup, do you have a wind block...etc.

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I set the mister to go off for 15 minutes every 2 hours, no wind block. Just set up the mister over a bin of builders sand. I find I can re use the sand about 6 times. I dip the ends of cutting in rooting hormone powder.

This just seems to work for me.

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Is this a raised bed? Is there a certain time of year that does best?
I had various results last summer. It seemed most rose varieties worked best in spring. Then later in in mid summer the same method and varieties did not produce. Late in the summer my numbers again began to climb but not as much as in early spring.

Seems the best time is early spring, with sand mix, and misting
I am in Zone 8A.

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I use a big black plastic bin bought at Lowes (used for mixing concrete) with holes drilled for drainage. Holds roughly 4-5 bag of builders sand. The warmer temps seem to make the rooting easier.
My sweet husband is going to make me a new propagation table for Christmas and I will post pictures of it.

Merry Christmas!

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dan_keil_cr Keil(Illinois z5)

I have many cuttings out right now. I don't mess with a mister system. I put all of my cuttings in the ground. I put plastic jugs over them, or liter pop bottles. I spray them white so they are opaque. That way the sun won't burn them. I have 95%take and I've been taking cuttings for many years. I have some rare and hard to find roses I got from Rose shows over the years

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Roses can be rooted almost any time of year. I have had very good results placing the cuttings under intermittent mist. About 10 seconds every 15 minutes is about right. I start after the spring bloom with this method. I have found that a well draing potting mix works best with the modern Hybrid Teas, Florabundas, minis, mini-flors, etc. You can use sand for the OGR'S.I use a Dig 5006-IP timer with dramm mist sticks.

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