Cuttings dipped in WHAT ??

saldutAugust 27, 2010

When you make rose-cuttings before you dip them in Rootone, I read that folks dip them in a solution to kill bacteria... alcohol ? bleach? peroxide ? how weak a solution ? what amt. of solution to water ? how long in the solution ?.... this has got me stumped and I appreciate any help on this...........thanks, sally

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

I came across an article that said to swish the rose cuttings very briefly in a weak solution of bleach to kill any fungus or bacteria that might be on the leaves. What is a weak solution is anybody's guess. I'd guess a couple of tablespoons of chlorine bleach to a half gal. of water.

Another recommendation was just to rinse the cuttings in plain water. That's what we did in a propagation class I took. They had a five gallon bucket of fresh water and we just dipped our cuttings in it and shook off the excess water.

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Thanks roselee, don't know if you got my answer by E-mail so will answer here also... I never did find out the proportions of peroxide to use so just mixed up abt. 1/10 to water, I had also posted this query on the regular Rose Forum and did get some replies, were helpful, so I decided to try with the peroxide.... then I dipped in Rootone and then stuck them into Perlite and put the pop-top on it, I have spritzed it several times daily since the 14th when I did this, and so far they seem to have not yet died, when I tried before they would have either blacked from the top down or the bottom up, so I am keeping my fingers crossed........LOL............... Thanks for the reply, sally

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