yellow freckles on leaves

rdmiller(Z9)August 3, 2013

My Mister Lincoln rose has, at about this time every year, yellow freckles all over the leaves, which subsequently grow brown and brittle and fall off. Why does this happen every year? (It doesn't exactly seem the same as the fungus which turns veins yellow. More like sprinkles of freckles.)

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We have powdery mildew-a microscopic fungal infection in both of our rose plants, and the veins did not turn yellow, rather the leaves had a splotchy or freckled appearance and also a rather shriveled look when they unfurled. If left they will turn brown, but they usually don't last that long as the lightest touch causes the leaves-sometimes entire shoots- to come right off. Even in the wind.
Not the best news in the world. I don't think my miniatures are going to make it.

I am no expert, however, so I may be wrong, though it does sound like what happened to our plants. On one plant this wasn't evident until I treated the leaves with an oil to smother the fungus, but on the other plant I noticed it before treating it with anything.

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