Rose cutting success!

hummersteveAugust 15, 2013

This has been long and hard and disappointing at times. I viewed one method on you tube in which you wrap in wet newspaper then wrap in plastic bags. I did this and not a lot happened over 2mo time. Cuttings still green not many calloused though. So at that point I took a few of the best looking stems and put them in pots with a dome covering for humidity for a few more weeks. My hopes were raised as it was sprouting new leaves but I also know this does not mean its rooted. So after a couple more weeks I decided to check for roots and waa-laa. One actually had some roots.

So I repotted this cutting in good soil with good drainage misting and watering daily it continued to grow and leaf . I watched it closely for any sign of new bulbs, nothing. Then 3 or 4 days ago I decided to add a good bit of worm castings to the soil[I grow my own] and then today I spot two new bulbs. Was it because of the worm castings or just coincidence. The weather has turned unseasonabley cool here but I doubt that would cause the change. At any rate heres what my cutting looks like now.

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seil zone 6b MI

Congratulations! IIt looks very strong and healthy! What rose is it?

If they sprout new leaves and they don't die off within a week or so that's a very good sign that rooting has taken place. If there were no roots those leaves would shrivel and die off quickly because they would be getting no water or nutrients to survive on.

I don't think the worm castings would have put new buds on in just a few days/ Those buds were probably already starting but you just couldn't see them yet.

Don't feel bad about your success rate. I don't think anyone can boast a 100% success rate at cuttings. It's always iffy at best whether they'll take or not.

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Thanks for your comments and you are probably right about the castings.

I dont know what kind of rose it is wish I did know. I bought the original at lowes for $2 about 3 years ago . It has a lot of yellow roses on it.

Here is the mother plant lots of fowers and they are at least 5" span.

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My mother has the same rose, Steve. But I can't help you with the name either!

I did the burrito method for my cuttings but placed them in a bright warm area (laundry room with a window facing the sun) and they callused within a week and those calluses swelled over a month's period of time. Might wanna try that!

Any tips you can pass along for getting the nubile cuttings to stay alive?

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This rose looks like Summer Sunshine to me. The way the petals unfurl and the growth habit are spot on. This is only my best guess though.

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I have try your way. Wish me luck.

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Thanks - you could be correct - Guess I will never know for sure but that name is a good as any-thanks. The bulbs appear starting to open a bit.

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Senja-- I wish you success as I know a lot of it is trial and error till we learn what works and what doesnt .

at2013-- On mine when young are barely rooted I made sure they stayed moist and in shade or filtered sun. If you have them in full sun I think you need to have a mister on them constantly.

concerning rooting I fall back to what I do with other plants and that means using a soilless mix perlite , vermiculite, or sand. The roots need room and air to develop . Then at that point once there is some decent rooting going then I move them into proper soil for said plant. Inside a dome of some sort is needed , I prefer to use shoplights as you can contol that. Outside Ive already said refer to above.

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Its now been about 2 weeks since the buds appeared , so here are the results.

on 8-28


later on 8-29

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That's beautiful & looks so healthy.
I've never taken cuttings systematically because I don't have room for the resultant plants. However I have occasionally stuck a bit from pruning (roses & other shrubs)in the ground or a pot, shaded by other plants. I did nothing apart from removing most of the leaves & it has been 90% successful. I grew 2 Rosa Frensham by this method, & they are now big sturdy plants.
Perhaps it's because of the temperate climate of the UK..or perhaps I was just lucky.

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Im wondering what I should do with this rose cutting over the winter. Should it be planted or protected in some way? Im in zone 6.

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Here is an update of my prized rose cutting

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It's very beautiful - well done. When I first saw the full bush photo, I immediately though it was Rise 'n' Shine. Could this be what it is?

Here is a link that might be useful: Rise 'n' Shine

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I dont know could be-- but I can tell you on a mature plant the roses are easily 5" plus.

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HA!!!! My MIL has the SAME exact rose growing on the side of her house and it's HUGE!!! Maybe 6 ft now. The funny thing is I am an amateur when it comes to gardening and well I have been wanting to try some rose cuttings from her rose bush. She also purchased it at Lowe's. I'm going to try it tonight. I have all the appropriate tools just need to go snip a few from her rose bush. The ONLY picture I have is from last year. I'm so excited now!

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Great to see your cutting success. I had pruned in Feb and started some cuttings also. I only had 1 rooted success out of about 40-50 cuttings that I tried. However, I re-examined and kept about 20 of them, now using them with a different method also.

It's funny for the YT videos. They say, "cut it, plant it (or keep it moist), and it will root" but somehow it doesn't when I think I've done it as they did. However, I did learn a lot by that first attempt so the second round is on-going.

Another method I wanted to try this year is to do air layering on the rose. I realized when I did my second round of pruning (to get rid of all the new growth that I didn't want, as result of chopping the stalks down earlier), I realized that I should have let a few grow out and use them as my air layering stalks.

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I cut a soda bottle in half mix peatmoss with seed starter . Put rooting hormone on the cutting plant it water the soil lightly and force the top half back on ... the set in a sunny window ... and they haven't died yet idk about roots but a month later and they are still green ... that good right .. how do I know if they have roots though...

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I have read that if the cutting makes more leaves, even if it looks alive and doing well, then it may be wasting the energy for leaves instead of roots.

I was able to keep my cuttings in water for about 2 months so far. They are still green, but not producing much leaves anymore, though the existing leaves are not dying either, and definitely no roots. So just being green and looking good isn't a conclusive sign of roots yet.

However, that is not to say that it won't also be making roots. To verify the roots when hidden by soil, you can either see massive new growth, which will give you the clue it is taking off, or after a few weeks, gently tug at the plant cutting. If it seems to have some resistance at being pulled up, then it has some roots. At that point, you could either transplant it to its new permanent pot or spot, or wait for it to grow a little more up top, which will represent more growth at the bottom also.

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