Cuttings are brown sticks !!

debbysunshine(san diego)August 5, 2008

How about cuttings that have been in the ground for months, totally brown, stuck so hard in the ground that you just don't want to pull them out. Well I took my little sheers and cut the tips of one of the cuttings that didn't look that good and there was nice rich stem inside. So I'm going to leave them go for awhile, not taking up too much space or in my way. Have been misting them which I never have done in the past. Here in San Diego there is no need for a cover or to start the cuttings indoors, but usually the stems don't totally brown out and soon hopefully I'll see some life..

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about two years ago I took a cutting from a rose bush and stuck it in the ground. It started to turn brown and I just left it and forgot about it. Next spring I was shocked to find that it was growing! It had leaves and a tiny little bud. Now it's a beautiful rose bush!

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