How do I grow a cutting?

DeebyAugust 21, 2014

I just HAVE to have my neighbor's breathtaking pink rose ! How do I cut a piece and root it? Do I cut a 6 inch length of branch and plant it in potting mix? I'm hoping to do it today.

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seil zone 6b MI

I have a pdf paper on how I do cuttings. PM me you email address and I'll send it to you.

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Thanks. I looked around online and have found the best way for me-I need it to be easy and this looks easy. You should see the rose-the clearest light pink I've ever seen but not a faded light pink. It's a clear icy pink. I have to have it !

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Hi. What you need is to take cuttings of that pretty rose and root them.
1. Cut cuttings from thick and healthy stems each with at least 2 nodes, I prefer 3 nodes. Best to cut at least half an inch away from the nodes. To ensure success just take several cuttings.
2. Remove leaves from the lowest node.
3. Treat the cuts with ground cinnamon or powdered activated carbon so they don't rot.
4. (Optional) Dip the lower tip of the cutting into root hormone.
5. Put cuttings into water so that water covers lower node but not the leaves up the stem. Make sure to refresh water once a week.
And wait-wait-wait.
When you see sufficient roots grow - pot your rose and keep inside until next spring, then plant it outside. Some people prefer to plant it earlier when one or nodes give new leaves (wake up from being dormant), so that rose gives roots when already potted, that's up to you.
Since August is a bit late to plant a rose outside, you will have to to take care of it until next spring.
Good luck.

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Thanks. Here's what I did: I bought rooting powder, clipped each 6 inch cutting and planted them in a ceramic pot which I'm keeping very moist but not muddy. It's on the porch getting weak sun and shade. I live in southern California so I won't need to bring it in unless we have a rare frost. I thought I could watch the hole in the bottom of the pot for roots and when they look like there's plenty I can pot the new plants in big pots. I can't plant in the ground. I cut off the flowers before rooting, and cut the stems on a slant. I had a cup of water with me to stick the cuttings right in as I cut. I hope I did everything right !

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