Container size and the plant

chilliwin(EU DK 7)November 8, 2012

Some times I confuse about the container size and the plant.

Here, a lot of experts and experienced professional gardeners are helping us. It will be very helpful for me if I found here some kind of charts such as the container size and the type of the plants to be planted. Some of the reliable seeds sellers websites also very useful for the people like me. May be someone already posted about this matter. Still I keep reading this forum to get more information about container gardening.

Another information I would like to get from the forum is "Is it possible to edit or delete my post after I submitted?" I have read FAQ but there is no answer of this question.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Container size is important if there are too many roots for the container. Like a 6 foot plant in a one quart container. Different size container will perform differently, and IMO container depth is an oft-overlooked factor. But this is not something to stress about.

I see that you found what you were looking for on another thread.

No, it is not possible to edit or delete your post. The forum administrators are looking into making it possible, but it is not possible now.

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It is all about nutrition. Plants roots will fill a container and keep growing. Yes bigger pots= bigger roots= larger yield. With that said, with the right fertilizer applications you can grow huge yields in small containers. Here is a cayenne in a #2 container(1.7 gal). Potting mix. I got pounds and pounds of cayenne from each 2 gal container. Even had large yields with #1 pots with jalapeno. I fertilize 1/3 strength almost every watering with all purpose miracle gro and another soluble fertilizer as well.

This was just them early in the year, mid-late summer the plants were so loaded with pods they tiped over easy in winds! :) I think it is amazing how much you can grow in one #2 pot.

A larger container holds water longer which is good for mid summer. Some Thai Sun that I could have grown in 6 inch containers I grew in 1 gal pots so they would hold water longer.

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esox07 (4b)

I am coming around to the thinking of Mastergardener1. I currently have about 15 7 gallon containers. i wont be discarding them any time soon but several times I have thought that I could do quite easily with 5 gallon pots and with some peppers, 3 gallon pots. I just figure the extra few percent in production sometimes isn't worth the extra cost in soils, fertilizers and time to water such big pots. I would still recommend 3 gallon or bigger for most plants but 5 gallon IMO is plenty for most. There are some very prolific plants that might benefit greatly from a pot bigger than 5 gallons but probably very few. As my current 7 gallon containers fall apart, they will probably get replaced with 3-5 gallon containers in the future.


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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Thank you for the replies it is very helpful. I found the container size for chilli plants from another thread (Pepperjoe). Just I am trying to get more advice and information again, now I got it. As a new container gardener when one of my plants goes something wrong then I started to think so many things including the containers. Space is also one of my concerns because I do not have green house, when the winter comes I have to move the plants inside my room that's OK I have enough space. A good container is also very expensive (for me) here, according to the sizes, about 7 gallon self-watering system container is cost more than 60Euro. A right size container is saving my space and money it is very nice to know from all of your replies. Thank you.

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Nice photos, Mastergardener.

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Chile roots will grow as large as you allow them to. This is a hydro yellow bird:

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Dang, Willard! Did you name that plant Rapunzel??? haha!

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