Looking for Valley of the Sun members - Arizona

HollyU2November 4, 2011

Hi - I am new to this site and I am new to gardening. Successfully grew zuccihini, roma tomatoes this summer while others literally went crazy because I didn't plant them right - that means the melons cross pollinated and got some interesting melons and also my dogs killed the vines before it could even allow us to harvest the summer squashes). Lesson learned here for next spring :/

Anyway, I have several pepper plants growing out in my garden (about time) however I am needing to get to know or meet any Chandler or Gilbert or desert people that have the expertise of growing peppers under the Arizona's unforgiving sun.

I have 2 pepper plants I am needing to question on. One is Ghost Peppers and the other is Thai Hot Peppers. Just need to know if any had success with these here in Chandler? Ghost peppers is growing but not yet flowering and Thai Hot peppers seems so fragile...some are growing and some are dead all in one plant??

Also I find it hard to believe that based on my zip code 85249, I am in zone 8?? I was under the impression it is either 9b or 11 (the coloring of the map is hard to read).

I have red, yellow, green bell peppers, jalepenos, serranos, cajun belle, sweet banana peppers, world's hottest (whatever that is but from BonniePlants - starting to flower), and something else I can't remember but they are small red round shaped peppers in my garden. Most are finally growing/flowering/growing peppers after the brutal summer we had this year. I was so worried after having to lost about 4 pepper plants :/

Hope to hear from someone here!

Thanks :)


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The "Arizona Gardeners" section of gardenweb has a decent amount of uesrs/traffic.


I'm not in AZ, but the plants will do just fine in AZ (though maybe not productive during the winter, if frost doesn't get them first).

During the worst of summer they won't produce much unless they're shaded from some of the harsher hours of sun. Sunscald on peppers already being produced might be an issue as May turns into June for some varieties. Shade (or shade cloth) seems to be the best "season extender" for peppers in the south-west.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb AZ

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Hi Holly
I am at Chandler and Mcqueen and found your post, did you ever get your ghost peppers to fruit?
I started some from seed indoors and they seem very fragile...they droop immediately every time i take them outside, even for 5 minutes in AM on shady porch....some guy at a nursery told me that since they started indoors, they most likely will have to stay indoors...I have a hard time believing that. They are in front of a window and get a few hours of direct sun a day while living in our 73 degree house. I potted with good planting soil form Home Depot and water with miracle grow when they dry out. so my questions are:
1. how do i get these to survive transplant in September>
2. what are they missing nutrient wise? (fish emulsion? Iron?) why are the leaves curled? (not bugs)
3. how can I make then flower and fruit indoors?
4. when should i start seeds outdoors so that the heat won't kill the fall crop?

look m up on facebook if your still growing!

Here is a link that might be useful: my facebook pag

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