Sources of Coir

elks(US5 Can6)August 2, 2006

PlantBest markets coir cheaply under the name Peat Eliminator. There are various places both stateside and in Canada.


Here is a link that might be useful: Peat Eliminator Homepage

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Thank you. I had been searching for a source. You made it easy for me. Today I shall go to Home depot and Ace hardware in my area to see if have the stock currently.
Thanks once again,

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elks(US5 Can6)

Your welcome, and good luck with it.

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mgleason56(Michigan 5b)

I have never seen this product available here in the U.S., but maybe ACE can order it. I know they do not stock (at least at the ACE stores around here). I find it very easily at hydroponic and brew & Grow stores here in MI.
Ranjana, you could not find it at the stortes I gave you in the Pit area?

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fgilles02420(z6 MA)

You can find coir at Petco, probably at other large pet stores. It's sold as reptile bedding; if you don't have one near you here's the ordering link:

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I have been getting mine from sellers on e-bay.

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I called I don't know how many places, including our local Petco. The only coir I found was the wrong kind at a large nursery, the kind for lining planters. I suggest you call some of those places rather wasting gas, time and energy running all over looking for it.

On another, thread we got to talking about it again, and I called Petco again and asked for "the stuff that you use for reptile cages". "Just a minute, I'll transfer you to the reptile department."

Reptile department: "Yes, we have that. It comes in brick form for $4.99. It is called 'ecoearth'".

I haven't gotten any yet, but it's good to know where I can buy it locally. I bought so much stuff this year, I decided to use what I have, and one of the best rose experts here uses a special potting soil which I doubt if we have here without umpteen more calls. He used to use vermiculite and peat moss, so that is what I am using this time until it is used up, then I might try the coir or the special potting mix.

Between all the bags of mulch (have six on hand), potting soil, and the vermiculite, peat moss, pearlite, rooting hormone, I have bought, other garden stuff, enough is enough until I get some of it used up. It's not the $4.99.

Petco is your best bet.

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