HELP! I am losing my cuttings!

adiro(5b/6a Canada)August 28, 2008

Hi, I really need somebody's help!

I did some cuttings earlier in the summer, and later, and I had them root good. I was very happy! I took the bottles off and a little at a time I took them out on the backyard table, which gets only some morning sun. They were all rooted ( I finger digged up to finding the little root ball, and seemed fine.

but they are getting the tips black as if drying, even if they are mulched in their pots and moist. All are short cuttings about 3-5 inch long. I cut off the black tips, and they blackened again, swalowing the leaf bud. Continue to black to the ground. Some still have some green stem, some almost do not. Many don't have a leaf bud anymore...

Will the roots sprout a new stem? or did I lose them? What can I do for the ones that are still green? if I cut, the die-back comes back and advances down the stem....

Please help

Thank you

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Hi Adiro,
REad my follow-up to yellow_rose_man. I think you let your cuttings dry out. I took great pains with my 'cutting crop' to keep them moist.

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adiro(5b/6a Canada)

Thank you for answering! Uh, I think I must have removed the bottles too soon.... oh well, learning here.

The worse is a white Rugosa, that sent a very green cane through the fence in my mom's yard. so green, the prickles were soft.... my mom hated it, because it was so thorny....
I cut it for her , rooted, and I did get roots, but now the stem turned black to the ground... next time I'll do better...

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very sorry to hear about your loss. be sure to gently harden them off. be sure to read george mander by using the google search motor for his name; he has all the best tips about how to get them to root, and how to harden them off.

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