I am soo stupid....

msjam2August 29, 2006

I have a very nice rooted(!) cutting of Mr. Lincoln, I can't believe it rooted but it did, I also have Fragrant Cloud and Honey Perfume rooting so I put all of them in 10 gal aquarium, put cling wrap on top and it was working fine. I had placed the aquarium with my babies in it by the window facing East. Then I somehow lost my brains somewhere and took the aquarium in the backyard, no direct sunlight but it's bright, I did this last night thinking I will take the cling wrap off this morning. Well, I FORGOT about the cling wrap and went to work, you guess it. ALL of my babies are fried, brown, dead! I am not a happy camper right now.. ugghh.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Sorry 'bout your cuttings.

I darn near fried a few of mine today by not leaving a vent in the cover. Much sympathy.

Happy Gardening,

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Boy do I feel for you. Anybody could have done it. Are you sure they are goners? I can only imagine how you must feel as I haven't successfully even rooted a cutting yet. You get attached to them.

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I still feel like crap, the beautiful Mr. Lincoln even had TWO solid branches with plenty of new leaves.

Oh well, try again!

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