2nd Annual RMG Seed Exchange

highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)September 10, 2008

A lot of the forums on Garden Web have an exchange section, though many of them aren't very active. Since we don't have one, and many of us harvest seeds from our garden in the fall, it just makes send for us to have a swap around this time of year.

To get things started, here is a list of what I have harvested so far this year:

Aquilegia chrysantha

Amaranth 'Pygmy Torch'

Coreopsis grandiflora 'Sunburst'

Dianthus knappii

Gaillardia 'Goblin'

Gaillardia 'Burgundy'

Marigold 'Safari Primrose'

Marigold 'Champion'

I am still waiting for a couple of things to ripen, such as Asclepias tuberosa, Penstemon barbatus 'Coccineus', Lavender, and Garlic chives.

Then there are the commercial packs that were bought this year and only partially used. I will link my trade list, in case you want to look through those.

Last year, everyone just posted what they had or were looking for, and then exchanged emails directly with one another to arrange the trade. Everyone seemed to have a positive experience, and I personally scored lots of cool things that I grew this year!

So start collecting those seeds, or just post whatever you've got that you're willing to part with, and let the trading begin : )


Here is a link that might be useful: Bonnie's Trade List

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I think I have 40 some varieties of tomato seed (probably more!)I also have hollyhock, Mountain spinach (green orach), Shasta Daisy, Brown Eyed Susan,blue flax, flat Dutch beets,lettuce, Blanket Flower, dill, parsley, parsnip, carrots and some other flower seeds. Would need to make a list out in the garage where most of the seeds are. There is always seed he puts in sacks and doesn't mark and I don't know what they are!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Margaret, so glad to hear from you! I had just about given up on the seed exchange idea, since no one was showing any interest. The Black Cherry tomato seeds that you sent me last year did great, and it's one of my favorites. There are several varieties of tomatoes that I am interested in, but since I don't know what you have, I'll just list some, and you can let me know if you have any of them:

Aunt Gerties Gold
Bloody Butcher
Neves Azorean Red
Caspian Pink
Italian Market Wonder

Do you know which Shasta Daisy you have? Or which varieties of lettuce and carrots? I grew several different kinds, and have seeds leftover too, but if it is one I don't already have, I would be interested in trying them. The lettuces I grew and probably still have some seeds of are Black seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Jericho, New Red Fire, and Parris Island Cos. The carrots I grew are Scarlet Nantes, Purple Haze, and Rainbow Mix. I also have seeds for one called Short n' Sweet, and Nigel. The dill seeds are something you listed that I would also be interested in, since I harvested all of mine for pickles before it set seed. Parsnips is something I've never grown, but might like to try if they are not too difficult to grow.

If you want to check your inventory and my trade list, I'd love to make a trade, or I can always send a self addressed stamped envelope if I don't have anything you are interested in. Maybe someone else will join in too!


Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list

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Bonnie, I have seeds for Aunt Gertie's Gold. It hasn't been all that productive, maybe 10 fruit, tops, per plant. But I think its one of the best tasting tomatoes I've grown.

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Bonnie, I've got Caspian Pink, NAR, and Bloody Butcher I can share with ya. NP

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Azura(z5 CO)

I am interested! I am just not organized enough yet. I havent harvested seed from this year or purchased any yet but when I do, I hope there is still some trading going on.
I agree with your assessment of black cherry, super yummy.
I am interested in your dianthus knappii, I think you recommended it to me earlier this year.
I don't happen to have any of the tomatoes you are looking for but I am perusing your trade list.
Did you ever get Lychnis vesuvius? I can check and see if I have seed leftover from wintersowing last year. It wintersowed for me beautifully last year.
Btw, my trade list is hopelessly outdated. Have I mentioned that I admire your organization?

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

David and Jali, I would love to have some of those seeds! Is there something off my trade list that I could send to either of you? If not, just email me your address through my member page and I will send you a self addressed stamped envelope.

Azura, with everything that you have been dealing with this year, don't be so hard on yourself. I do hope that you are feeling better. I would be glad to send you some of the Dianthus knappii, and anything else off of my trade list that you are interested in. Just let me know what you would like. I haven't gotten the Lychnis 'Vesuvius' yet, so if you find out that you have some leftover, I'll email you my address, or send you a SASE.

Organized or obsessed? Hmmm ... I'm just not sure, LOL!


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Aunt Gerties Gold - have had a problem getting more than two tomatoes to ripen on a plant but good. Caspian Pink - this is the first year I have grown them. Neves Azorean - nice large but late tomato - would need a good location with lots of hot sun. I have Black seeded Simpson lettuce and some other loose leaf lettuces but don't know they names except maybe one was trout? Anyhow they are mixed together. Carrots - no idea what he saved. Parsnips - not hard to grow just take a long time to grow. Usually dug in the fall and covered with leaves and straw like carrots. Seed does not last long so need to plant seed from previous year. Some people like to include them in a stew or baked with a roast and we like them baked with butter and brown sugar. Tons of dill. I pulled it out by the armloads this year as I didn't get it pulled soon enough last year and it seeded everywhere. I will get a list of tomato seeds posted after the canning and Farmers Market is over. Last week for Farmers Market this week and I have a garage full of apples and pears - Sekel pears are ripe and I have made a lot of pear streusel pies and we picked a tree of Bartlets yesterday and they will be a week or two yet. Need to pick the Italian prune plums and rest of corn probably this upcoming week.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

I would be interested in seed trades, too. But I'm not organized yet, either. I just harvested some Hibiscus moscheutos seed (a white variety with red centers), and I'll have to start looking at what else I've got.

Did anyone have luck with my Lavatera seed this past year? I was surprised they were so difficult to germinate, because I really made sure they were ripe before picking. I have LOTS more of those seeds this year if you want to try again!

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aliceg8(CO 5)

I'm behind too!!

The sprinkler guys just redid my sprinklers for the new flower bed. So next on the list is to get it planted out. But I do want to participate in the seed exchange too.

I know I will have the following:

Penstemon "Red Rocks"
Cosmos "Cosmic Orange"
Morning glory "Crimson Rambler"

Don't know what else until I get organized. I'll post in a couple of weeks.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Me too! Just not there yet!

Besides my regular stuff I'll have Heraclium lehmanianum, Thalictrum aquilegiafolium (don't know positively that either/both of those are easy, or even will, germinate), and Agastache foeniculum (anise hyssop), but I'm still working on other stuff. I got some Rudbeckia hirta 'Rustic Colors' yesterday, and will have some 'Goldsturm', but it's not ripe yet, and I may have some other things, but it's gonna be a couple weeks for a final list.

You know I'm still working on getting your Lavatera to germinate, Steve, but I'd be interested to know if anybody else has gotten it to germinate yet. I didn't get the red penstemon seed I collected in Utah to germinate yet either, and I just collected some more last week--and have already sown some directly out in the ground! Since it seems to germinate along the roadside, I'm gonna try the "natural" method---and I think I'm gonna try that with some of your Lavatera seed too this year!

I'll be back with a list!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, you guys are making me feel a little OCD, since I'm the only one organized, LOL!

Skybird, a couple of those you listed I have never heard of, so will have to look those up when I have more time. Just wondered about the Rudbeckia 'Rustic Colors'. Is that a double or a single bloom?

Thanks David and Jali for the tomato seeds!

Since I did so well with that request, I'll throw out another. I'm interested in peppers, colored bells, or mild chilies, and pimentos ... nothing hot. If anyone has some, I'd love to trade with you or send a SASE.

Happy trading : )

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Hi again all. I think I am a little more organized than some of you, by default not design. I have been so busy with classes, kids, repairs, garden and all the rest that I have not had a lor of time to post or make a mess. So little in fact, that it took me about 20 tries to remember my password. Anyway, I have some peppers and other things I would be willing to share. Most are from packets that are leftover from misc years. I also have red pimento pepper and purple bell that I am drying from peppers I purchased at the farmers market. Some of the seed is old, but I did not have any problems germinating. I keep my stuff in mirco whip containers in the back fridge door, that is why the "organization". I have a sheet of paper that tells me what is in there: tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cabbage, etc.

Cubanella Long Sweet
Sweet Banana
Canary Belle
Mini Bell Chocolate
Mini Bell Mix
King of the North

These are all my peppers, but I have lots of other stuff, mostly veggies that I would be willing to give "samples" of. If you are looking for something, let me know what and I will see if I have any I can give up. lettuce and carrots go pretty quick around here, so I doubt I have anything there.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I hear ya' Billie! For me, with three kids, it's either be organized, or go insane.

Of the peppers you listed, I already have Cubanelle, Sweet Banana, Canary Belle, and King of the North. I'd be interested in the Mini Bell's though.

If you happen to have a cucumber called 'County Fair', I'd be interested in that too : )

When you get a chance, check my trade list (linked below) to see if there is anything there that you would like. If not, I'm always happy to send a SASE.


Here is a link that might be useful: My trade list

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Hey Bonnie,
Yup that's familar, three kids, ball games all over the state, oldest's college, my college, animals, garden, making repairs befote winter and trying to find a job. It's just a little busy.
I e-mailed you for your address. I don't have any County Fair cucs, sorry. All I have right now are picklers. I'm hoping to get some more beds finished by next season so I can grow more stuff.
I picked up a bunch of strawberries from a really nice lurker who put an ad on Craigslist. He said he reads here now and again, I invited him to chime in, we'll see. I picked up extras for two friends who elected me to root and pot everything, since their gardens are not ready yet.
I don't really have a list of wants yet, unless you would count: someone to finish the garden beds, put up the fence and a greenhouse. I can send a sase, LOL.



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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I am new to this but tried to form an exchange list as well. WONDERFUL idea Bonnie -


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Bonnie - sorry it took me so long, but I am sending out your mini bells as soon as the post office opens on Tuesday. I just got busy but is was never forgotten. I did put in a SASE for some "sunrise" but if you are out, no worries.

Thanks again

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Billie, I still have the 'Sunrise' seeds from last year, but I am still harvesting things from this year, so I may have some fresh seed for you.

Skybird, I just harvest a ton of Agastache 'Apache Sunset', so if you want to try again in the spring with some fresh seed, let me know, and I'll get those out to you. Also, I would be interested in your Rudbeckia 'Rustic Colors'.

Austinnhanasmom - Thanks for the trade!

David and Jaliranchr - Thanks for the tomato seeds!!! I think I've gotten almost everything on my tomato wishlist.

Other things that I've harvested recently:

Garlic chives
Lavender - these were sown from Skybird's seed, so it's the same one she has
Pepper, Alma Paprika
Pepper, Cubanelle
Tomato, Black Cherry
Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' - none of mine bloomed red like they advertise though, so they will all be orange and yellow
more Marigold 'Safari Primrose'
Dianthus 'Ideal Select Red' - this one is a hybrid, but I wintersowed seed from these same plants this past winter, and they bloomed this summer true to color.

If anyone is interested in any of these, let me know!


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I'll wait until you are done harvesting and we'll trade again:)

Thanks -


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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

My list is updated - please check it out -


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Ok, heres my list of available seed for this year! A lot of it is my "old standby" stuff, but there are a few new ones added this year!

All my seed is available on a no-strings basis! Tell me what you want and send me your address, and IÂll send it to you. I will NOT be using any padding this year, so if something gets crushed, oh, well, it didnÂt cost you anything. In my experience, most things will make it just fine without the padding, and itÂs a lot cheaper with the way theyÂve changed the postal charges! I KNOW the blackberry lily outer shell will get crushed, but the actual seed inside seems darn hard to me, so I figure most of it will make it in "germinatible" shape!

I HAVE gotten a couple PMÂs thru GW in this last year, so it may be working for me again, but if you PM me, post a note here that you did, so I can let you know if I didnÂt get it!

The information below (height, etc.) is the info that would be on the plant tag with perennials you bought. (Making up the tag order used to be one of my winter jobs at PaulinoÂs!) That should help you make sense out of it! Plus IÂve added other comments about many of them. TheyÂre in alphabetical order, by botanical name! IÂve made comments after a few of them that stratification may help germination, but IÂm sure thatÂs true for several others too. IÂll post the Tom Clothier site at the bottom again, so you can easily look up germination info if you want to!

AlsoÂIÂm not guaranteeing germination on any of these! I do not believe any of these are sterile, but IÂm not absolutely positive. And they should all come true from seed, except for the couple where IÂve made notes to the contrary! Except for the hollyhocks, all the seed is from Â07 or Â08, and IÂm sure the hollyhock seed is still good!

IÂm also going to start a separate thread with pics of most of theseÂlisted in the same order! I donÂt want to put all the pictures here, because itÂll slow the thread down too much. Some day hopefully GW will get a modern site!

And, remember, I may not answer you for several days if IÂm goneÂor just too tired!

Happy shopping,

Hardy Perennials: 

~ Acanthus hungaricus (balcanicus), BearÂs Breeches, 24\-36" X 24", Sun or shade, Lavender, Jul\-Aug, z5. Thistle\-like foliage is soft to the touch, but flower spikes have sharp spines. Reseeds. 

~ Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop, Licorice Mint, 3' X 2\-3', Sun, Lavender, Jul\-Aug, z5. Herb, strong licorice scent, use for teas and in baking, flowers and leaves edible. Reseeds prolifically. Attracts bees.   
I believe this may be the one Digit uses to make tea from! ItÂs the most anise\-scented plant I know of! 

~ Alcea rosea \- mixed colors, single hollyhock, 60" X 24", Full sun, mixed, Jun\-Sep, z4. This is technically a biennial, but mine always develop new plants at the base that bloom the next year. Also reseed very easily. 

~ Alcea rosea ÂNigraÂ, single black hollyhock, 60" X 24", Full sun, black\-red, Jun\-Sep, z4. Seed collected from ÂNigra and it could possibly have cross pollinated, but there were no other hollyhocks anywhere nearby when seed was collected, so I doubt it. This is technically a biennial, but mine always develop new plants at the base that bloom the next year. Also reseed very easily. (This seed is a few years old now, but IÂm sure itÂs still good. Once I got other colors of hollyhocks I couldnÂt collect anymore "black" seed since they cross!) 

~ Aquilegia chrysantha, Columbine, 24" X 15", Part sun, yellow, Jun\-Aug, z4. VERY fragrant yellow flowersÂput them somewhere where you can easily bend over and sniff them on the way by, long blooming, comes true from seed, Colorado native. May need cold stratification for germination  fold seed into a moist paper towel, seal in a zipper baggie, and place in refrigerator for 4 to 6 weeks. 

~ Belamcanda chinensis, Blackberry Lily, 30" X 24", Sun, orange with red spots, Jul\-Aug, z4. Flowers are followed by 1/8" black seed clusters. The outer shell on this seed WILL crush in the mail, but I believe the hard inner seed will be fine! 

~ Callirhoe involucrata, Wine cup, Poppy mallow, 6" X 36", Full sun, magenta, Jun\-Sep, z3. Colorado native, taprooted (very difficult to move), Plant Select selection. Seed germination very irregular \- may take months  cold stratification may help some. 

~ Cyclamen hederifolium, Hardy cyclamen, 6" X 10"+, Part to full shade, white, Sep\-Oct, z5. Summer dormant, two\-tone green leaves appear as plant begins to bloom and remain throughout the winter, small round seedheads emerge from soil in early summer. 

~ Crocosmia ÂLuciferÂ, 30" X 30", Sun, red\-orange, Jun\-Jul, z5. Stunning red\-orange flowers create a wonderful focal point, fleshy roots spread somewhat underground. 

~ Dianthus barbatus, Sweet William, mixed colors, 12\-14" X 12", Sun, Spicy fragrance, May\-Jun, z4. Sweet Williams are biennialsÂgrow the first year, bloom the second year, and may come back, but donÂt usually look very good in following years. Collect seed and start a few new plants each year for best plants. Great, long lasting cut flowers. 

~ Echinacea purpurea, Purple Coneflower, 36" X 24", Full sun, lavender/pink, Jul\-Sep, z4. Attracts butterflies, Colorado native, reseeds easily. 

~ Gypsophila paniculata, Pink, tall babyÂs breath, variety name unknown! I started this from seed a couple years ago, and when it finally bloomed this summer it wasnÂt what I was expecting, so IÂll probably give the plants away at the Spring Swap! It got much taller than I was expecting, about 36", and produced just a few flowers on each stem at a time, rather than all blooming at onceÂso, with the flowers being so tiny, it didnÂt look very pink! It might have been because I donÂt have enough sun for it, so if somebody else who could put it in FULL SUN wants to try it, I saved a bunch of seed! I donÂt know how tall it might get, but I was expecting about 24"! It blooms mid to late summer. Zone would be a 3 or 4. 

~ Heracluim lehmannianum, Mongolian Cow Parsnip, 5\-6' X 5\-6', Shade, white, Jun\-Jul, z3. HUGE plant with huge leaves and huge flower umbels that resemble Queen\-AnnÂs\-Lace. Requires ample moisture! I finally got to see mine bloom and am ready to give up on it! I donÂt have enough shade for it, and itÂs planted immediately across the fence from two large old cottonwoods that constantly use up all the water. This would be perfect in a wooded area near a stream or pond where it would have abundant water. It would be truly impressive when blooming in the right location. It is taprooted, so would be almost impossible to move once itÂs established. (Many of the HeracluimÂs are toxic to the touch, but this species is not!) 

~ Hibiscus moscheutos ÂDisco Belle PinkÂ, 4\-5' X 3\-4', Full sun, Jul\-Oct, z4. Large 6" white to light pink flowers with a dark pink eye (seed was collected from pink and could possibly have cross\-pollinated with another color\-\-\-but I doubt it!) Comes up VERY late in spring\-\-mark where itÂs planted and just wait for it \- grows amazingly fast once it comes up!. Reseeds easily. LARGE plant\-\-plan ahead! 

~ Lavandula angustifolia, English Lavender (ÂMunstead or ÂHidcote \- donÂt know which, they were here when I bought the house, and theyÂre too similar to be able to tell the difference!), 18" X 18", Full sun, lavender, Jun\-Jul, z5. Evergreen, xeric, reseeds easily, attracts butterflies. 

~ Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, 24" X 24", Full sun, lavender, Jun\-Jul, z4. Evergreen, xeric, Colorado native. 

~ Rudbeckia fulgida ÂGoldsturmÂ, Black Eyed Susan, 28" X 18", Full sun, gold with brown center, Jul\-Sep, z4. This is the one Rudbeckia that is considered to be reliably hardy. Flowers not quite as large as the R. hirtaÂs, but itÂs a nicely shaped plant. Attracts butterflies. Stratification may help germination. 

~ Rudbeckia hirta  Rustic ColorsÂ, Black Eyed Susan, 12\-18" X 12", Full sun, varying shades of gold to brown with brown center, Jul\-Oct or later if deadheaded regularly, zone unknown  often sold as an annual, but mine easily come back at z5! Larger flowers than R. Fulgida, and petals vary in color from plain gold/yellow to different degrees of brown. Bloom longer than R. Fulgida if deadheaded regularly. 

~ Thalictrum aquilegifolium ÂPurpureumÂ, Lavender Meadow Rue, 36" X 24\-30", Part shade to shade, lavender, Jun\-Jul, z 5. Columbine\-like foliage with airy flower clusters. Likes LOTS of water! 


~ Nicandra  this is an annual so I canÂt tell you much about it! Mine got to 3\-4' tall and would have been at least 3' wide but I had it tied back to keep it off of the path! It reseeds easily and produces interesting seed pods that could be used in dried arrangements. 

~ Snapdragons, Mixed colors, 12\-24" high, Full sun. These are annuals but itÂs not at all unusual for them to come back the next year, and they also reseed prolifically. Ones that germinate before winter are usually green all winter. 

~ Garlic Chives! 

~ Home grown Harris Model Parsnip seed from Â07! 

And I have some red Penstemon seed that I collected along the Burr Trail Road on my Utah vacation. I think it may be Penstemon utahensis, but obviously canÂt be positive. I could NOT get this seed to germinate last year, so itÂs only for somebody whoÂs into the really hard ones! (Stevation, want another one to fight with???) I planted some out directly in the ground when I got home this year to see if the natural overwinter stratification will work! I have enough seed to send to a couple people if anybodyÂs up to a serious challenge!
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conace55(z5 CO)

Skybird, I've sent you an email. Let me know if you haven't received it.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Got it, Connie! But I think I have a problem! I went out at halftime (Broncos!) to get some Belamcanda and Acanthus seed, the only ones I hadnt brought in yet, and apparently I dont have any Acanthus seed after all! I opened all the pods on three stems, and theyre empty. Actually, I found a few little somethings that "could" be seed, but I think theyre undeveloped seed! Since youre new to seed, Im not gonna send them to youI think youd just be discouraged! Im gonna stick them in a moist paper towel to see if I get anything, but Im really not expecting anything to germinate. Theyre just way too small for the size of the pods! But that leaves me with a real mystery! I found at least 6 seedlings out there this summerso where did they come from! Itll be interesting to see if I get anymore seedlings next year! If I do, theyll be at one of the swapsprobably the Fall Swap since I dont think theyll be big enough to find before the Spring Swap! So well see what happens, but, for this year at least, I guess I dont have any Acanthus seed after all! Maybe next summer Ill try some hand pollinatingif I can figure out how to do that with an Acanthus!

Ill send them within about the next weekdepending on when Im working, and will email you when I do.

Merry Christmas!

And for everyonewhile I was out in the yard anyway I brought some of the dried flowerheads from my Aruncus dioicus in to have a closer look at it. I had pulled some off of one of the stems a couple weeks ago, and when I looked at it I thought all I had was fluff. Today I took the time to look up Aruncus seed on my seed identification site, and its described asand looks like "brown dust!" Thats what I have! So I guess I have some Aruncus, goatsbeard seed if anybody would like some! If I get a chance, Ill add a picture of it on the picture threadbut no promises right now!

Heres a description: 48" X 48" (mine hasnt gotten that big, but its in pretty bad clay), white flowers, Jun-Jul, shade, likes lots of water, zone 4.


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Skybird - it's time consuming, but about the only suggestion I have to hand pollinate would be a small paint brush, or hire an army of bees, butterflies and...
oh yeah ladybugs.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Yeah, I know that, Billie. Do it with most of my veggies at times. What I'm not sure of is just exactly where the pollen is and where I need to brush it on Acanthus. Any ideas on that one? When it blooms next year and I have a real look, it'll probably--hopefully--be obvious. Just never looked that closely.


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Bonnie and Skybird,
I have sent you both an email

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stevation(z5a Utah)


I noticed your message in the Thanksgiving thread about sending me some more Callirhoe. I would love to have some more seeds! I haven't posted here since my earlier post, because I'm just not organized (and probably won't be for a while). I'm getting to the good part of finishing my basement (drywalling, finally!) and it's taking all of my time, along with the twice-a-week master gardener class, which will be done next week.

Anyway, I didn't collect any new seed this year, besides the Hibiscus moscheutos mentioned above and some Japanese maple seeds from my red specimen. I do have a lot of leftover seeds from previous seasons, but I haven't tested their germination rates to see how good they are.

I'll probably focus more on seeds after Christmas. I do have the greenhouse this year, but I need to figure out how I'm going to heat and ventilate it.

So, Skybird, please do send me some Callirhoe seeds. I just can't say what else I want right now. I can send you some more Lavatera seeds if you want to try again. I'm sure there are still some seedheads out there that I could gather now. Maybe I could figure out how to send you a dormant young plant that showed up from self-sowing this year?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Steve, are you sure theres not something else youd like to have since Im sending the Callirhoe seed anyway. It wouldnt cost anymore to stick a couple more little packets in! Ill probably send it out the beginning of next week, so post here or email me if you can find anything on my list youd like to have. And Ive come up with a new possible germination method that Ill email when I send the seed!

I still have Lavatera seed left from last year, so Ill just keep trying with that. If you do happen to find some from this year and have time to send it, that works too, but its not necessary. BTW, Im gonna be in SLC! Ill be there for 40 minutes on Christmas Eve! Hehehehe! Ill expect you to buy a ticket to somewhere so you can get thru security to come out to the gate to give me a baby plant!!! ;-) Seriously, if you have a couple seedlings next spring, after it warms up so they for sure wouldnt freeze in the mail, you probably could pad them with a little bit of moist peat and send them. In the meantime, if I ever get germination, Ill let you know! I havent gotten it done yet, but Im still planning to plant some directly in the ground outside to see if normal overwinter conditions will do the trick!

Autodidact and Bean, I didnt get the purple coneflower seed collected before it snowed a couple nites ago. The snow has melted off now (beautiful day! It was 70 in my backyard today!), so I brought some in to dry the rest of the way. I leave on a trip tomorrow for three days, and by the time I get back it should be ready to send, so itll go out, probably, next Monday. Ill email after I put it in the mail.

Isnt there anyone else around here whod like some free seed? Check out my list above. DELETE the Acanthus, since it apparently didnt produce seed this year, and ADD Aruncus dioicus, goats beard. See pictures of the things I have available at the thread linked below.

AndhallelujahPMs are apparently working for me now, so if you want something, just PM me, but still post here that you didjust in case I dont get it!

Happy seeds,

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stevation(z5a Utah)


OK, OK, twist my arm! :-) You could include the Agastache, the Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm', and the Utah Penstemons if you REALLY want to send me stuff! I'd sure appreciate it. I just don't have much to return the favor with.

I could send some new Lavateras, since there might have been something wrong with the old batch. I also have some pink Foxglove and the other things I mentioned. I still didn't try the Belamcamda you sent last year -- would it still probably be good this year?

Thanks a bunch.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Consider them added! I think the Belamcanda seed would still be good (almost certain, because last year I winter sowed some Pardencanda (candy lily) seedVERY similar to BelamcandaI had had for at least two or three years and they came up fine. So try them if you find time, and if they dont work, Ill send more of em next year. Since I find seedlings coming up around mine, Id highly recommend you direct sow at least some of them wherever you want them in the yardand mark them carefully so youre looking for them next springLATE spring to mid summer, as I recall. The dont have any kind of seed leaves, and look just like a tiny, tiny little blackberry lily plant when they come up! Pretty much like the tips of a tiny gladiolas! Theyre cute little things!

If you have time, go ahead and send some fresh Lavatera seed and Ill use that to direct sow outside. If you dont have time, my seeds are offered strictly "no strings" this year, so Im not really expecting anything in exchange. Butif you do decide to send somedo you know what species the pink foxglove is?

Ill email when theyve been sent,

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I wintersowed the Belamcanda seeds you sent last year, and they did great, almost 100% germination! I'll bet they are still good.

Skybird, I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was interested in your Rudbeckia 'Autumn Colors', but since then I received some in a round robin trade that I participated in. Too bad you don't have any of the Pardencanda seeds you just mentioned. That's one I don't have : )


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Im hoping they survive the winter, Bonnie. Theyre not considered to be reliably hardy, and Cheryl from Paulinos is predicting they wont make it. But IM predicting they WILL make it! And theyre MY plants, so my prediction carries more weight! (Kinda like Digit trying to control the weather by watching itwhich I do quite a lot too!) But if they make it and bloomprobably not this year yettheyre still tinyI will definitely be saving seed to give away. Theyre like blackberry lilies, but they come in all different pretty colors! So keep your fingers crossed for my Pardancanda (whoops, I was spelling it wrong! Didnt think it looked quite right!), and be thinking a lot of good thoughts this way!

Is there anything else of mine that you'd be interested in this year?


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Skybird, I think half of what's growing in my perennial beds came from you, either from seeds or cuttings. The only things on your list that I don't already have are all pink, purple/blue, or white, and you know how I feel about those colors, LOL!

BTW, I'm glad you had some lavender for Greenbean. I'm participating in a Secret Santa seed swap and there were tons of folks looking for lavender seeds, so I gave everything I had away already. It's only my second round robin type swap but it's been a lot of fun. Everyone posted a wishlist, and then if you had anything on anyone's list, you sent it to them without letting them know ahead of time. I've already received three Christmas cards full of seeds. Even though I have gotten some duplicates, I can always pass on the extras, and it's so nice to get surprises in the mail.

I also received my order from Pinetree today, so I'm certainly not lacking in seeds right now, LOL. I can't wait to start wintersowing! I'll start a WSing '09 thread after the first of the year. Hope lots of folks will join me again!


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aliceg8(CO 5)

Ok - I finally got around to doing an inventory. Sorry I'm so late everyone!

Collected seeds:

Penstemmon "Red Rocks". I don't know if this is a hybrid or not or if the seeds will come true, but I've been very pleased with this plant. It bloomed for a long time - way into the fall, and as of a couple of days ago the foliage was still green and good looking.

Coconut Geranium. Here's another question mark. I bought several scented geraniums this year. This was the only one that easily collectible seeds, so I thought I'd give it a try. I have to say - I really enjoyed all of them and am trying to overwinter some. If they don't make it, I will buy more next year. Got them from Richter's, I think.

French Marigold.

Cosmos "Cosmic Orange". These are really sweet. Compact plants with clear orange flowers. They've been a hit with my Mom and her friends.

Gazania. From big box plants I bought in 2007.

Packaged seeds:

Crane Melon from 2007. Nichols Nursery.

Catnip - Richter's.

Now I'll take some time and go through everyone else's list - although, like most I bet, I have more than enough seeds already!


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aliceg8(CO 5)

Ok, if any of these are available, I guess I can't help myself!

Bonnie - I'd like to try the Goblin Gallardia & if you still have some of the African Daisy. Also, I forgot to list, but I have some of the Swiss Sunset Basil you are looking for and I think I might still have some Red Sails lettuce. Don't send an envelope to me - and I will send one to you - since you sent me the Achillea plant.

Skybird, do you think I could keep the Anise Hyssop pruned back so it wouldn't be so big? I'm running out of space - but I love scented things and licorice, so I'd really like this. What about in a container?

Other items of note - earlier I mentioned I had Morning Glory "Crimson Rambler", but I missed putting it on my later list. I also have some "Grandpa Ott" type morning glories.

And Bonnie - I just checked my plant I brought in and I have loads of red Gerbera Daisy seeds if you'd like to try again. (And available to anyone else who would like.) I did get germination and planted a few out in containers with other things. They never did much, but I dug them up late this fall and put them inside on a north windowsill. They have, like, 3 spindly leaves each - but darned if one isn't sending up a flower now!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Yes, Alice, I would love to try the Gerbera again, and the Swiss Sunset basil and Red Sails lettuce. I received seeds for a yellow Gerbera daisy in a swap, but I don't have any red. I have plenty of 'Goblin' seeds, and a few African daisy seeds which you are more than welcome to.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Alice,

I apologize! I saw your post way back the beginning of the month but I was leaving town, and by the time I got back, I had forgotten about it!

Yes, I do think you could keep the Agastache cut backpretty much however far you want to. I think it could be treated pretty much like basil and just keep cutting it down (tho it has larger leaves and obviously gets considerably larger than basil if left alone). And by keeping it cut back, it would help prevent the prolific reseeding you get when it blooms! Im not sure about a pot, but I suspect it would do ok if it were a fairly large potbut its not really the prettiest plant, so Id recommend putting it somewhere where its not that visible. You could even stick it in a corner of the veggie garden. If you decide to let it grow tall, you could easily tie it back to keep it from getting too wide, tho Im not sure just how wide it gets naturally since Ive kept mine pretty well "managed!"

If youd like some seed, email or PM your address. Last year it was on the SASE you sent, but I didnt copy it down anywhere. Andif Im going to send one thing, it wont cost any more to send a couple moreso are you sure theres not something else youd like?


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