Churches attacked again in Nigeria

labrea_gwJune 10, 2012

I posted about Boko Haram 2 years ago I thin the response was zip save for someone spanking me telling me it was all about oil.

I fear they were wrong in that assessment & that nothing has gotten any better & Churches continue to be attacked. This latest episode by a suicide bomber ( that's extreme when you think about it someone kills themselves in order to kill others in this case Christian) rather disgusting.

Boko Haram of course are salafists dedicated to eradicating written democratic or secular law & the establishment of an Islamic state. So far they have killed thousand I presume most were Christian but other non cooperative Muslims might also part of their quarry.

Still want to tell me this is about oild or virulent fundamentalist insanity that needs to be exterminated like a mad dog. OHH Joe that's harsh....not really!

Here is a link that might be useful: More pain & suffering

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

But it begs the question, what should we do about it...

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My thoughts exactly! It's unfortunate that when a person steps in to stop a crime, he's a hero. But when a country does it, it's bullying.

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Northern NIgeria is a perfect example of the breeding ground for this kind of fanatical activity. NIgeria is relatively wealthy from the oil, but the distribution of the wealth to the wider population - particularly the rural north, is essentially non-existant, and the place remains desperately poor in the shadow of corruption and incredible wealth from corruption.

They have one of the highest birth rates in the world, one of the youngest average populations, and an unemployment rate over 80%.

This is the place where all kinds of rumors about vaccination abound, but with cause - they've had issues with deadly fake vaccinations, people running around with banned vaccines, and its here we have the mutant-virus Polio vaccines killing people. Not something that builds trust with Western Culture

Then you have a history of slavery between the north and south, increasing religious clashes between the Muslims and Christians - the Jos Plateau is sort of a Christian enclave in the North.

It will only get worse.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

The crickets can be heard here as Americans simply don't want to deal with any more of the world's internal conflicts...

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There are so many, Tobr... so many issues and problems around the globe... it's frustrating, frightening, sad, angering, and there's little the average citizen with no funds can do about much of it... except acknowledge it exists, and keep writing letters to our representatives.

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No crickets is correct. I'm wondering does Boko Haram just get lumped in as another fundamentalist group or as guaranteed violence under any circumstances other than a complete Islamic state.

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